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Riemann's Sum and Integrals Question

The value of the limit is equal to the area below the graph of a function f(x) on an interval [A,B]. Find f, A, and B. (Do not evaluate the limit). lim n --> ∞ ∑ni=1 (π)/(6n)tan[(iπ)/(18n)]I... more


Limits, Definition

Always true or false? The value of the limit of f(x) as x approaches e does not exist when e is not part of the domain of f. If f(x) = c, c is all real numbers, then the limit of f(x) as x... more


How would I go about answering this limit question?

Give examples of two functions, the first has a lim f(x) = 8 x->2and a second function for which lim f(x) does not... more
Limits Calculus


Evaluate the following improper integral

∫(1-2x) ⁄√(x-x2)dxwith upper limit as 1, and lower limit as 0Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you !


lim h -> 0 ((-3 + h)^2 - 9) / h

how do you get -1 instead of zero?


lim h -> 0 ((-3 + h)^3 - 9) / h

how is the answer -1 and not zero? what do I do before plugging in the zero so that I would get -1?


lim t -> 0 ((√(2+t) - √2) / t)

how is the answer √2 / 4? I don't know what to do with the denominator (I already multiplied by the conjugate, which I put as √2+t + sqrt2) I still got different answers.Thanks!


given f(x)= { 3 - x^2, x<2 and kx - 5, x ≥ 2 what value of k would make f(x) continuous at x=2?

I understand what this question is asking but I don't know what steps to do. Also, I don't get how to do the next part of the question: state the ordered pair at the transition point where the... more


Trigonometric Derivative as a Difference Quotient

I understand that the 2x might be treated as h. However, I don't know how to deal with cotangent.Limit (as h -> 0) of [8 * cot3(2x + pi/3) - 8 * cot3(pi/3)]/h
Limits Calculus


Squeeze theorem

Given the sequence (3n + 1) 1/n, what would the upper bound be if the squeeze theorem was used to prove that the sequence converges for n approaching infinity?

Consider the function f(x) = -2x3 + x2 – 3x + 4 on the interval [-2,4] and that f(c) = 10

Verify that the Intermediate Value Theorem applies to the indicated interval and find the value of c guaranteed by the theorem
Limits Precalculus


Let F(x) = -4x^2-4x+48/2x^2-10x+12

A. Finds lim f(x) x->-infinity and state which shortcut rule was usedB. Find the equation of any horizontal asymptoteC. Find lim f(x) x->2D. Find lim f(x) x->3E. Find the coordinates of... more
Limits Calculus


Finding the values of constants a and b

{ ax+3, if x ≤ 5 f(x)={ 8 , if x=5 to be continuous for all x { x^2+bx+1, if x>5 I'm looking at a blank paper for minutes now, and I still don't understand how I... more

Calculus for solving graph

The graph of g(x): note: below is the link i cannot send the picture because of characters. http://www.mathguide.com/lessons3/Limits3.htmli need help at the part of "Evaluating Limit" part...my... more

Limits and Limits of a Function (Basic Calculus)

Please don't forget to provide a step-by-step and a clear solution, so I can study it well afterwards. Thank you!1.) Lim (x^2+2x+1) x-> 12.) Construct the table of values for number 1... more

Infinite Limits and Infinity at Limits

1.) Lim x->4+ ( -(x-2)/(4-x) + (5x)/(2x+3) )2.) Lim x-> 3- ( (2x/x-3) - (x+8)/(5x+2) )3.) Lim x-> +∞ ( (8x^4-2x^3+x^2+7x-1) / (2x^4+2x^3-3x+11)4.) Lim x-> +∞ ( (7x^2+2x-10) /... more

Infinite Limits and Limits at Infinity

Exercise 4.2 (Number 1 and 2)1.)lim-> 4+ ( -(x-2) / (4-x) + (5x) / (2x+3) )2.) lim-> 3- ( (2x/x-3) - (x+8)/(5x+2) )*note: please include also a solution and a step-by-step explanation for... more
Limits Calculus


Limits question

lim as x approaches inifnity (square root of x+3 minus square root of n)Can I say that its infinity - infinity hence its a 0?


Which of the following two expressions are equivalent alternatives to the definition of a derivative?

Which of the following two expressions are equivalent alternatives to the definition of a derivative?A: lim j -> 0 f(x) - f(x-j) / j B: lim j -> 0 f(x - j/2) - f(x + j/2)/ j A only B only... more
Limits Calculus



The table of values below shows the rate of water consumption in gallons per hour at selected time intervals from t = 0 to t = 12.Using a left Riemann sum with 5 subintervals, estimate the total... more
Limits Calculus


Relative Rates of Growth NEED HELP ASAP PLS!

Which of the following functions grows at the same rate as ex as x goes to infinity? (4 points)Answer Choices ex+3 e3x e2x e-x
Limits Calculus


Need help ASAP please! Due tonight :( LIMITS CALCULUS

What does  show? (4 points)Answer Choices g(x) grows faster than f(x) as x goes to infinity. f(x) and g(x) grow at the same rate as x goes to infinity. f(x) grows faster than g(x) as x goes... more

Is this a use of the Squeeze Theorem?

Two broadcasting signals signals and signal b have amplitudes that can be modeled by mathematical equations. we will attempt to show that signal a and signal b have the same amplitude at some point... more

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