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what is they of the cause/problem of Climate change 5 sentence

The cause: what is Climate change? That you care With a 5 sentence explanation of the cause/problem.

Approximately how many times louder is a 145-dB sound than a 85-dB sound?

Approximately how many times louder is a 145-dB sound than a 85-dB sound?

How much time elapses between the instant the fan sees a batter hit the ball and the moment the fan hears the sound?

A baseball fan sitting in the "cheap seats" is d = 122 m from home plate (see the figure below). How much time elapses between the instant the fan sees a batter hit the ball and the moment the fan... more

How far (in m) is the surface of the snow from the device?

A sonic depth gauge is placed 4.2 m above the ground. An ultrasound pulse sent downward reflects off snow and reaches the device 0.023 seconds after it was emitted. The air temperature is −20°C.(a)... more

What is the frequency (in Hz) of the tone being emitted? (Assume air temperature to be 20°C.)

A person stands directly in front of two speakers that are emitting the same pure tone. The person then moves to one side until no sound is heard. At that point, the person is 7.15 m from one of... more

What is the air temperature (in K)?

In a student laboratory exercise, the wavelength of a 52,300 Hz ultrasound wave is measured to be 0.660 cm. Find the air temperature (in K).
Science Physics


What is the frequency of the wave (in Hz)?

A wave traveling 91 m/s has a wavelength of 5.6 m. What is the frequency of the wave (in Hz)?
Science Math Physics


what is the speed of waves on the Slinky (in m/s)?

A 5.2 Hz continuous wave travels on a Slinky. If the wavelength is 0.61 m, what is the speed of waves on the Slinky (in m/s)?
Science Physics Astronomy


Size of the Moon Question

Let’s say you were to do an experiment using a coin that helps to find the distance from earth to moon through measuring the distance between your eye and the moon with the coin. This will later... more
Science English


what caused Climate Change

 The cause/problem.
Science Physics


The physical phenomenon responsible for the heating of the resistors at the passing of the electric current is called?

When passed by an electric current, the resistors suffer great temperature raise, being that way utilized in electrical ovens, grills and in hair dryers.a) Meissner effectb) Joule effectc) Doppler... more
Science Physics


Analyze the following statements about a circuit containing three resistors with different resistances, associated in parallel and submitted to a different potential.

Verify if the statements are true or false.1 - The resistance of the equivalent resistor is smaller than the smallest of resistances of these resistors.2 - A electrical current is smaller in the... more
Science Physics


Three equal resistors of 30 OHM resistance are together in parallel with a 12 V battery attached. The equivalent resistance of this circuit is?

A) 10 OHM, with the current being 1.2 AB) 20 OHM, with the current being 0.6 AC) 30 OHM, with the current being 0.4 AD) 40 OHM, with the current being 0.3 AE) 60 OHM, with the current being 0.2 A
Science Physics


Given that the effective resistance is 2 OHM, how much is worth the resistance of each one of these OHMS resistors.

Three equal Resistors are put up in a way in where two are related between themselves and at the same time in parallel with the third resistor. Given that the effective resistance is 2 OHM, how... more
Science Physics


Two resistors are submitted to a 12 V potential. When linked together, the current is of 1.33 A. When in parallel, the current is of 5.4 A. What are the values of their resistances?

A) 4 OHM and 5 OHMB) 4 OHM and 2 OHMC) 7 OHM and 2 OHMD) 5 OHM and 1 OHME) 4.5 OHM and 4.5 OHM
Science Physics


Ohmic Resistors are those who?

a) Are made of insulating materialsb) Have constant electrical resistancec) Present great electrical resistanced) Are able to withstand great electrical currentse) Are usually made of conductor... more
Science Math Physics


What is the linear mass density of the rope (in kg/m)?

Two children stretch a jump rope between them and send wave pulses back and forth on it. The rope is 4.1 m long, its mass is 0.60 kg, and the force exerted on it by the children is 55 N.(a)What is... more

what factor will the amplitude of the sound change?

An audio speaker producing a steady sound at an outdoor concert is 32 ft away from you. If you move to a position where the speaker is 64 ft distant, by what factor will the amplitude of the sound... more
Science Chemistry


Calculate the amount in moles

Calculate the amount in moles: 2.01 x 10^23 atoms of Rubidium a. 1.2 molb. None of the abovec. 3.11 mold. 0.5 mole. 1 mol

meter stick urgent help

A uniform meter stick of mass 1.5kg is attached to the wall by a frictionless hinge at one end. On the opposite end it is supported by a vertical massless string such that the stick makes an angle... more

Pencil urgent help

A pencil leans against a wall so that its sharpened edge rests against the vertical surface of the wall and its eraser rests on the floor. The center of mass of the pencil is 9 cm from the end of... more

piece of putty urgent help

A piece of putty of mass m = 0.75 kg moves at a velocity of v = 2.5 m/s along a horizontal frictionless surface. It hits and sticks to the bottom of a rod of mass M = 2 kg and length L = 0.9 m... more
Science Physics


physics question - answer is 233 N but idk how to do this

A more aggressive snowboarder decides that rain is perfectly OK. She goes up to Snoqualmie Pass to board down the slopes in the rain. The angle of the slope is 36.0°. She is sliding down the... more
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