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Crop rotation (finding source)

Question: Why is crop rotaion important?- What are 2 primary sources for this topic?- What are at least 2 different kinds of secondary sources? Make sure one of them is a peer-reviewed article from... more

my homework is due in a few hours and I am confused. Please... help... quickly!

Sodium chlorate decomposes into sodium chloride and oxygen gas as seen in the equation below.   ­­2NaClO3­ --> 2NaCl +3O2  How many grams of NaClO3­ were needed to produce 6 grams of O2? Round... more


Please, Read the Question Below :)

A person stands on a scale in an elevator. As the elevator starts, the scale has a constant reading of 594 N. As the elevator later stops, the scale reading is 386 N. Assume the magnitude of the... more


Please, Read the Question Below :)

You can feel a force of air drag on your hand if you stretch your arm out of the open window of a speeding car. [Note: Do not endanger yourself by performing this experiment.] Calculate this force,... more


Please, Read the Question Below :)

The mass of a sports car is 1400 kg. The shape of the car is such that the aerodynamic drag coefficient is 0.250 and the frontal area is 2.30 m2. Neglecting all other sources of friction, calculate... more


(a) A sphere made of plastic has a density of 1.08 g/cm^3 and a radius of 7.50 cm. It falls through air of density 1.20 kg/m^3 and has a drag coefficient of 0.500. What is its terminal speed (in m/s)?

(b) From what height (in m) would the sphere have to be dropped to reach this speed if it fell without air resistance?


1 C₅H₁₂(g) + 8 O₂(g) → 5 CO₂(g) + __ H₂O(g) when balancing the above equation, how many moles of water are produced when 1 mole of C₅H₁₂ reacts with excess Oxygen Gas? 


1 C₃H₈(g) + 5 O₂(g) → 3 CO₂(g) + 4 H₂O(g) - Identify the Limiting Reactant in the following problem and identify how much of the excess reactant remains after the reaction has reached completion.... more

Mass of CaCl2: 10,0 g Mass of Na2CO3: 10.0 g Actual amount collected: 2.00 g CaCO3 1. Write a balanced chemical equation.

A student performs a lab at school. They massed out both reactants and then mixed them together. The reaction produced a precipitate. They filtered out the product and took the mass of it. (I'm a... more

Adipic acid, H2C6H8O4, used to produce nylon, is made commercially by reaction of Cyclohexane (C6H12) and oxygen gas (O2).

a. write the balanced chemical equation for the given reaction above.b. is the reaction exothermic or endothermic? Explain.c. how many grams of Adipic acid will be formed if 25.0g cyclohexane... more

4. As concentration increases, what happens to the number of ions in the solution? URGENT CHEMISTRY QUESTION

please help me with this chemistry concept and question.

How does the concentration of ions in a strong base differ from a weak base? CHEMISTRY URGENT

please help me explain this chemistry concept

Which ions are most abundant in water? - Chemistry URGENT  

Please help me explain this chemistry question.


What is the density of NH3 at 335 K and 104 kPa?

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