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Action potential

In order for an action potential to be produced at the axon hillock, what has to first happen?A. Sodium ion channels must be inactivated B. ESPS(Excitatory postsynaptic potential) had to have... more


I need help answering questions about Newton’s laws

1) under what conditions will a smaller vehicle have a greater momentum than a larger vehicle?2) which requires more force to overcome static or sliding friction.3)what are the variables in... more


Chemistry- I really did help

If you have 5.40grams of potassium (K) solid how many grams of potassium hydroxide (KOH) can be produced? _2__K(s) + _2__H2O(l) 🡪 _2__KOH(aq) + ___H2 (g)If 0.251moles of H2O gas are produced, how... more


Physics forces problem

A block of mass m1 is attached to a cord of length L1, which is fixed at one end (in the center of the circular trajectory). The block moves in a horizontal circle on a frictionless table. A... more


How is a balanced chemical equation similar to a recipe? Explain and give examples.

Please explain it clearly for me. I really need help.


How to determine the molecular weight of a pure substance

Can you do it in four steps.


thanks for the help with chem

thanks for the help, i appreciate it 


I need help please

Draw a diagram to illustrate or describe in words the cycle(s) of matter within the healthy lake. 


science question 1

Suppose the ability to edit RNA is a dominant trait. A male squid with two dominant alleles for RNA editing sexually reproduces with a female squid that has two recessive alleles for RNA editing.... more



Data from a spectrophotometric assay of a purified recombinant hyaluronidase enzyme, Spy05783, against p-nitrophenyl N-acetyl-β-glucosaminide substrate (total reaction volume, 2 mL; volume of... more


Scientific Method vs scientific inquiry

What is the difference between scientific method and scientific inquiry, why is one better than the other?


pertains to fungi

Select what pertains to fungi. All fungi have or form true hyphae. Fungi are heterotrophic with most being saprobic. Fungal spores are for resistance and survival. They can tolerate harsh... more


DNA replication

Which of the following pertain only to the lagging strand during DNA replication? Select all relevant choices. Has only one primer. Will have several Okazaki fragments. New nucleotides are... more


microbiology study

Which of the following is false? Select all the false choices. Translation takes place on ribosomes in the nucleus. Three nucleotides code for three amino acids which is referred to as a... more


case study Infection

Both Zika and West Nile Infections have been in the news lately. Which of these two are most likely to be a serious problem for New Yorkers? Why? Explain in a well-thought of paragraph. Give... more


What is its average acceleration?

Average acceleration can be calculated as the change in velocity over the change in time. A roller coaster car rapidly picks up speed as it rolls down a slope. As it starts down the... more


A basketball player jumping for a rebound is in the air for .24 seconds. How high did the player jump?

Free Fall Kinematic Equations which may help with this problem.Vf=Vi + 9.8*t d=Vi*t + .5*9.8*t2 Vf2 = Vi2 + 2*9.8*d d= [Vi + Vf]*t/2
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