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Bacterial Growth

Imagine a surface with a bacteria population growing on it. Every day, the number of bacteria in the population doubles. After 16 days, half of the entire surface is covered in bacteria. On what... more

Are sound waves just graphs of sine and cosine?

Then how would you graph a sound wave? With the sine and cosine graphs? Then would that equation be like the sine and cosine graphs equations?

Light as a Wave

We know the light is a form of a wave. We also know wave requires a medium for its propagation. If the light is a form of a wave, then how does it travel in a vacuum, which is not a medium?

Hot or Cold Beverages

so lately ive been in a debate on weather if you drink hot water with high calorie food, you’ll loose more weight then if you drink a cold beverage where the food becomes cold in your body and... more

Which of the following solutions of strong electrolytes contains the largest number of ions?

50.0 mL of .175 M NaOH, 100.0 mL of .250 M BaCl2, or 250.0 mL of .050 M Na3PO4?I would really appreciate if you could explain what to do in order to determine which solution contains the most... more

Physics Question

What should be the transmission band width of an FM signal with 75 KHz deviation and highest frequency of modulation is 15 KHz?

Physics Question

Assuming that the earth re-emits all the radiations it receives from the sum, determine its temperature, (For earth, E = 1.39 × 103 w/m2 , Stefan’s constant. = σ = 5.735 × 10-8 w/m2 k4 )

Physics Kinematics

While solving kinematics problem for the motion of an object, a student obtained the following result: a = k –bv, where, a is acceleration, v is speed and k and b are positive constant. Given that... more

Physics question

If vector(a+b+c=0) the angle between vector(a and b) and vector(b and c) are 150° and 120° respectively. Then magnitude of vectors a b and c are in ratio.

What if I can’t achieve a bachelor’s in Biology?? Help

Listen, I have wanted to go into the medical field my whole life. I know I will thrive in healthcare and that it is what I want to do; however, my issue is that I struggled with every single... more

83.6 mol of helium is confined to 14L vessel at a pressure of 8 atm. What is average kinetic energy of a helium molecule of mass 5.34×10^−26 kg.

Boltz's constant is 1.38×10^−23 J/K,universal gas constant is 8.31 J/KAnswer in units of J.

Genetics Practice

Hello I was hoping someone could help me out with this question I have been practicing on:1. A pea plant with round seeds is crossed with a pea plant that has wrinkled seeds. For the cross,... more

What is the Big Bang

How cold would a 263 calorie drink have to be for all the calories to be burned by the body regulating the temperature?

This is mostly hypothetical, as the actual temperature would probably be lethal to a human, but if a Human burns calories maintaining thermal homeostasis, one could assume that at some point, if... more

What cells or chemicals are involved in acute inflammation and immune response during infections?

When studying the physiology of the immune system and inflammation The cells involved are derived from the plasma portion of blood and the most common are neutrophils, NK cells, macrophages, T... more

What are covariate and cofounder variables

I need help finding the covariate and cofounder variables in the research paper i am looking at, or help learning how to find it, I have researched and tried to figure out what a cofounder and... more


Chem 111 help please

If 17.50mL of a NaOH solution is required to titrate a 0.4005g sample of KHP dissolved in 20mL of total solution volume, then what is the molarity of the sodium hydroxide solution? Thanks in advance!


Iron oxide reacts with aluminum to give aluminum oxide and iron. What kind of chemical reaction is this?

the answer can either be combustion, decomposition, replacement, or synthesis. And I didn’t really learn this and if I did I don’t remember doing this in class, can you please help me?.
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