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Very good linear algebra book.?

I plan to self-study linear algebra this summer. I am sorta already familiar with vectors, vector spaces and subspaces and I am really interested in everything about matrices (diagonalization,... more


Is basis change ever useful in practical linear algebra?

In layman's terms, why would anyone ever want to change basis? Do eigenvalues have to do with changing basis?
Soft Question Linear Algebra


Is linear algebra laying the foundation for something important?

I'm majoring in mathematics and currently enrolled in Linear Algebra. It's very different, but I like it (I think). My question is this: What doors does this course open? (I saw a post about Linear... more


Must eigenvalues be numbers?

This is more a conceptual question than any other kind. As far as I know, one can define matrices over arbitrary fields, and so do linear algebra in different settings than in the typical... more


Books to study for Math GRE, self-study, have some time.?

I just graduated from a regional university in the US with a minor in mathematics. There is a masters program overseas, for economics, that I want to attend but they require applicants to take the... more
Soft Question Gre Advice Gre Exam


Ultimate GRE Prep?

I'm planning on taking the math [GRE Subject Exam](https://www.ets.org/gre/subject/about/content/mathematics) in April (~11 months from today). I want to start preparing now in the hopes of scoring... more


Recommended resources for the mathematics GRE exam?

I'll be looking to start preparing for the mathematics GRE in a month's time. To that end, I am devising a study plan to cover the material in the span of approximately 4 months. I have decided... more


What does it take to get a job at a top 50 math program in the U.S.?

I'm a senior undergrad right at a small liberal arts college right now who is applying to math PhD programs in the U.S. I would like to eventually become a professor at a relatively good university... more
Soft Question Gre Gre Exam


GRE General - How to get faster at basic math?


What are the main uses of Convex Functions?

Up till now I have just learned that the concept of convexity in functions of one variable is used to complete the graphs of functions, meaning to locate points of inflexion and see if the graph is... more

Fundamental equations in economics?

For the other sciences it's easy to point to the most important equations that ground the discipline. If I want to explain Economics to a physicist say, what are considered to be the most important... more


Is a good GRE score enough for a non-math graduate to be accepted in a decent pure mathematics graduate program?

I have a computer engineering degree , and i have studied several mathematics courses like single variable and multiples variables calculus , complex variables , probability , numerical analysis... more


Who came up with the $\\varepsilon$-$\\delta$ definitions and the axioms in Real Analysis?

I've seen a lot of definitions of notions like boundary points, accumulation points, continuity, etc, and axioms for the set of the real numbers. But I have a hard time accepting these as "true"... more
Soft Question Gre Gre Exam


Is this Enough for the Math Subject GRE?

I have been studying for the math GRE for quite sometime now. I have been going through the princeton review and old GRE tests, and in fact without much very difficulty at all. As a way of getting... more


Multivariable Calculus for GRE?

This is going to sound strange, but I am a third year math major who never took multivariable calculus (despite having taken courses on Galois and Lebesgue theory, etc). I plan to take the GRE next... more

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