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My art isn't improving.

Before we begin, id like to make a few things clearer.my art, in terms of where I want it to be, absolutely sucks.I'm not looking for "just keep drawing I believe in you" comments.I prefer if you... more
Illustration Drawing Ink


what is this Liquid layer on top of archival ink?

I had an archival quality black ink for illustration. The label says it's "*waterproof drawing ink*". I didn't use it for years. And today as I opened the bottle, I found the total paint particles... more
Illustration Drawing Painting Education


What are the fundamentals of human figure drawing? How to improve in each of them?

I'm trying to break down what skills I need to develop to draw a realistic human figure.At the moment I got: 1. **Gesture** I have no good idea on how to exercise this, I mean, I have no good way... more
Illustration Drawing


Calculating correct line length in perspective drawing?

I have no formal technical drawing background, and I was just wondering if there was a mathematical way of determining the correct length of lines in 3D perspective, e.g., if I want to draw a cube... more


Are graphics tablets worth it?

I've always felt curious about graphics tablets, but I've never even used one. Most people I know either give up or love them. I'm not a big illustrator myself, but I do the occasional doodle and... more


How can I prepare for a career in character design?

I'm a young girl and I love to draw, especially characters. I started drawing people when I was much younger. I love character design.I would like to have a job that involves drawing people in... more


Better ways of vectorizing photos than Illustrator's Trace?

Are there any better ways of vectorizing photos than Illustrator's Trace? I don't have one of them Wacom boards so I can't really do this by hand.


What's the best way to animate an illustration for the web?

I have a couple of illustrations done in Illustrator and I am planing to animate it for a website that I am working on, I've heard of [Create.js](http://www.createjs.com/#!/CreateJS) toolkit with... more

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