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Is there such a thing as time?

The question itself is a simple yes, or no, and the answer is not one which exists in some grey area. Though many ivory tower wannabe philosophers will wax endlessly on questions such as this the... more

What does Wittgenstein's notion of "meaning is use" refer to?

Wittgenstein's later work in the Philosophical Investigations breaks away from the commitment that logic is the underlying structure of language which explains its relation with the world. Later... more

in what way is moral(esp.cultual)relativism akin to ''horn2'' of Euthyphro dilema?

in what way is moral(esp.cultual)relativism akin to ''horn2'' of Euthyphro dilema?

If you had to summarize the entire Gospel of Matthew in two themes, what would they be and how do they relate to your life?

READING:Matthew 21:20-25:46 Can find the reading on bible getaway

Truth Table Symbolized Statement

Truth table for the symbolized statement ( A • B) ≡ (∼ A ∨ ∼ B)Determine if this statement Tautologous Contingent Self-Contradictory

Determine Truth Value

Given that A is True B is True C is False ( A ⊃ B) • ( A ∨ C)

Translate the statement into symbolic form using the letters

If Trump hid the phone transcript, then he should be impeached or should resign. (H,I,R)

Determine the truth value.

Determine the truth value of the following if A is true B is true C is false A • ( B ⊃ C)

Logic Truth Table.

A truth table for the statement(p ∨ q) ⊃ r

Determine the truth value

I need help to determine the truth value on this problem for my philosophy class.Determine the truth value of the following. Given that A is true, B is true, and C is falseA • ( B ⊃C)


Do minimum wage laws have the opposite effect than intended?

I'm currently trying to back up my opinion on minimum wage laws with some type of source... I'm reading Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom for my PHI 110 class & am having a bit of... more


Ethics Based on Consequences

Utilitarians argue that since happiness is the end that all human beings seek, (1) action that maximizes human happiness is good and (2) the right action to choose (among options) is that one which... more


What is Value Theory?

What is Value Theory? And how might answering questions in one area inform the way we think about other areas?


what is the role of Cartesian ''cogito"in the formation of Husselian phenomenology

What is the role of Cartesian"cogito"in the formulation of Husselian phenomenology


what is area of a paper , if I peel it into 2 separate parts

If I have a paper which has a height of 5 cm and base of 10 cm , then the area must be :Area of a rectangle = base * height so , 5*10 = 50 cm² , should be the answer to this right , But what is... more


Social Contract Theory

I am dying to know. Does anyone believe in the social contract theory by Hobbes? Only philosophers please answer, but I am astounded that a person would believe man would kill another in nature.


My views on the central theme of my book have changed - how do I bring in that nuance?

I've been working on a fantasy story that explores the creation and evolution of religion. But I'm struggling with what I'm fundamentally trying to say regarding religion.When I first began, I was... more


Do writers write philosophical essays?

I'm son to two philosophers, and maybe this shaped too much my way of understanding the world. I think a lot, or maybe thinking means a lot to me. And, mainly, I think about art questions and art... more


Create a truth table for the following compound proposition Qc~P

Truth tables


What does the sun represent on Plato's Allegory of the Cave

I'm having a hard time understanding the language of the philosophers. If someone could help me understand a little more clearly


Please help me with this philosophy multiple answers question

The egoist will often give common sense answers to whether e.g. it is ethical to kill. She will say that it is (usually) not, because killing people in civilized society is likely to end badly for... more


What is the bioethical issue?


What would it take in a book to convince a rational person that it had been written by or directly inspired by a god?

Many of the world's religions are based on a book or text that adherents claim to have been written by or directly inspired by a god, perhaps omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent. My question... more


Berkeley's denial of the distinction between primary and secondary qualities

What does it mean to say that ideas are all that are real? How does Berkeley's denial of the distinction between primary and secondary qualities result in this claim? (This distinction itself is... more
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