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(Ethics) If I know you, you know me. If you know me, I know you. Therefore, who are we?

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Philosophy Algebra 2


Prove In Plato's Line of Knowledge that Belief part of whole is equal to Learned part of the whole

Many people have many interpretations of Plato's Line of Knowledge. This question is/asks about the math/algebra to prove the middle pieces equal.the whole = a person's body of knowledge on any... more
Philosophy Psychology


What's a Philosophical Zombie?

According to philosopher David Chalmers, the "Philosophical Zombie" (which behaves exactly like a human being, but isn't conscious) is a key idea in the philosophy of mind; he claims it shows that... more


Pascal’s Wager.

Give and explain Pascal’s Wager. Next, raise two objections that one might offer against it. Finally, give your own analysis. Do you think that the argument succeeds? Why or why not? (600-800 words)
Philosophy English


Identify the fallacy used in each of the following statements. (PLEASE I NEED HELP ASAP AND THANKS IN ADVANCE!!)

Identify the fallacy used in each of the following statements. 1. Catwoman Forever must be a good movie because it has been number one on the box office list for 2 weeks now. 2. Jacques' claim that... more


David Hume Induction Argument

Explain why David Hume thinks that induction fails. Then give the response to Hume that you think is most reasonable. (200-300 words)


what is philosophy by aristotle



What is Consciousness vs Ego

I am trying to understand it, here is my take on the matter: The consciousness is individual, and each of us has a consciousness and an ego. Our ego is what we rely on to guide our consciousness in... more
Philosophy English


Do you agree with Aristotle?

Aristotle offers a modeling theory of ethics, wherein we should emulate the actions of the moral exemplar - the perfectly virtuous person. Aristotle argues that by doing so we will become more... more


What are dynamics of Socrates' therapy. How is it supposed to work? What are the preconditions for its success?

Apology and Gorgias provide us with good reason to believe that Socrates diagnosedthe social and political corruption afflicting Athens by tracing it to a deeper moraland spiritual corruption at... more


Where did I go to school?



Subjectivists require a rational basis for all moral rules. True or false

Subjectivists require a rational basis for all moral rules.TrueFalseOne thing that Subjectivism and Cultural Relativismhave in common is:A.They both think morality is set in stone andeternally... more


According to Aristotle

According to Aristotle, what is the law governing prices? Why is it important and how does this compare to the Modern understanding? Do explain.
Philosophy Logic


Logic: Syllogism

All sculptors are artists;But some novelists are artists;Therefore, some novelists are sculptors.A. validB. illicit major termC. illicit minor termD. fallacy of four termsE. misplaced middle termF.... more
Philosophy Logic


Logic: Syllogism

A bat is an instrument in baseball;Some bats are cave dwellers;So, all cave dwellers are instruments in baseball.A. validB. illicit major termC. illicit minor termD. fallacy of four termsE.... more
Philosophy English Grammar


Using "such that" in the context

But the working class does not need to perpetuate itself. On the contrary, it needs to do away with its own existence as a class as quickly as possible, and to establish a classless society.... more
Philosophy English Grammar


How could the bolded text be a question?

Class interests may incline us to believe one thing rather than another, some will say, but should not philosophy be above this? Should not philosophy be objective and impartial, and... more
Philosophy Math


arguments philoosphy critical thinking probability math

Is this argument strong or weak?  According to Tom Brady (Links to an external site.), if a football is slightly deflated, it is easier to throw. Therefore it's true that a slightly deflated... more
Philosophy Math


Argument Critical thinking philosophy math probability

Is this argument strong or weak? Jimmy and Eric are both musicians. Jimmy is an expert guitar player, so Eric must also be an expert guitar player.  
Philosophy Math


Critical Thinking (Philosophy) Probability

Is this argument strong or weak?  50% of coins that are flipped will land heads up. So, when this coin is flipped, it will land heads up.


Reading question 1

LOOKING THROUGH THE DUALIST'S LENS1. How does the dualist's view of the mind and body imply that scientific, physical explanations of persons are incomplete? 2. How does Descartes's dualism allow... more


Which of the following best describes word virtue

Philosophy Social Studies Ethics


Is it ethical still pursue online classes at this point in the pandemic? (Using Utilitarianism Ethics)

Using Utilitarianism EthicsDo you think that it is still ethical to pursue online classes at this point in the pandemic?

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