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Least Square Approximation Method

According to the Cauchy's equation,mu = C + B/((lamda)2)where C and B are constant and mu and lambda are the wave length and reflective index respectively.Obtain the suitable least square... more


looking for help with derivatives

Particle P moves along the x-axis so that its position at time t>0 is given by xP(t)= (e^(2−t)−2t) / (e^(2−t)+3t). A second particle, particle Q , also moves along the x -axis so that its... more


Need help with limits and derivatives

{(32/5)+2/5cos(πt/4) for 0 ≤ t ≤ 4W(t) = {6+(1/8)(t−4)^2 for 4 < t ≤ 9----------------------------------------------------------------------The... more


Please help with calculus problem

For time 0≤t≤8, people arrive at a venue for an outdoor concert at a rate modeled by the function A defined by A(t) = 0.3sin(1.9t) + 0.3cos(0.6t) + 1.3. For time 0 ≤ t ≤ 1, no one leaves the venue,... more
Math Algebra 1


i need help with this problem i dont know how to solve it



how much energy (in J) was made unavailable for useful work as a result?

An irreversible process takes place by which the entropy of the universe increases by 1.66 J/K. If the temperature of the environment in which the process occurred is 230 K, how much energy (in J)... more


What is the engine's efficiency (in percent)?

As a gasoline engine is running, an amount of gasoline containing 10,200 J of chemical potential energy is burned in 1 s. During that second, the engine does 3,400 J of work.(a)What is the engine's... more
Math Calculus


Math Calculus question

A chain lying on the ground is 10 ft long and weighs 110 lbs. How much work is required to raise one end of the chain to a height of 7ft?


the product of -5 and a number is at least -40

7th grade math . unit 3 . inquilites


consumer mathematic problem--confused!!

You wish to establish a college fund for your child. You deposit $100 every month into an annuity for 18 years. The money earns 5 3/8% interest compouded monthly. Find the future value of the... more


how much would the machinist have to lower the temperature (in °C) of the rod to make it fit the hole?

A machinist wishes to insert a steel rod with a diameter of 9 mm into a hole with a diameter of 8.998 mm. By how much would the machinist have to lower the temperature (in °C) of the rod to make it... more

In a certain​ fraction, the denominator is less than the numerator. If is added to both the numerator and​ denominator, the resulting fraction is equal to . Find the original fraction.

In a certain​ fraction, the denominator is 7 less than the numerator. If 3 is added to both the numerator and​ denominator, the resulting fraction is equal to 15/8. Find the original fraction pleaseee more

Please help with a, b, and c

Plot the point [−4,−π/4]​, given in polar​ coordinates, and find other polar coordinates (r,θ) of the point for which the following are true.​(a) r>0, −2π≤θ<0          ​(b) r<0,... more

The standard equation of an ellipse w/center (0,0) Vertices(0,+-a) and foci (0,+-c) is.......

x^2/b^2+y^2/a^2=1 where b^2=a^2-c^2. The eccentricity of an ellipse,denoted by e is defined as follows.e=distance between foci/distance between the vertices =2c/2a=c/aFind the eccentricity of an... more

sos confused ...Ellipse word problem .What's the planet's orbit (distance in millions of miles) about the star?

A planet moves in an elliptical orbit with a star at one of the foci. The perihelion​ (the smallest distance from the planet to the​ star) is 128.03 millions of miles and the aphelion​ (the largest... more

rearranging equation algebraically: I COULD NOT DO IT any help

as shown in the image below there is an equation that I want to rearrange it so that the R1 in the denominator is removed from the denominator without changing the ratio on the right side... more

Complex Numbers and Basic Calculus

Suppose z = x + iy = r*(e^(-i*theta)) , where i=sqrt(=1) , r =|z| , tan(theta) = y/xAlso, suppose that w = -uz - m*ln(z) = A + Bi where i=sqrt(-1) and ln=log_eThen |dw/dz| = 0 implies, -(u + (m/z)... more
Math Physics


What is the vrms of hydrogen on the surface of the sun if its temperature is 5.07E3 degC?

What is the vrms of hydrogen on the surface of the sun if its temperature is 5.07E3 degC?What is the vrms of hydrogen on the surface of the earth if its temperature is 20.8 degC?

Polar Coordinates

The rectangular coordinates of a point are given. Find polar coordinates ​(r,θ​) of this point with θ expressed in radians. Let  r>0 and −2π<θ<2π.​(2​,−2sq root of3​)


Suppose the garden bed row for Okra is modeled by the polynomial x2 - 11x + 24 in.2 If the width is represented by ( x - 8 ) inches. How long is the garden bed? 

Your group needs to help a “Plantito” with his okra in a boxhill rectangular concrete planter. As Ateneans, you need to work as a team to help solve the problems involving polynomial models. Each... more
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