Asked • 04/29/19

Making a local geological field trip an interesting and educational event for children?

I have no expertise in geology or earth science, but I would like to do a "field trip" with my home-schooled young children (under age 10) where I could teach them about geology from a hands-on perspective.What could I do on this field trip that would make this event memorable and special for the children, that would not be possible just at home at the dining table?If you are unfamiliar with small children, here are some outside things they like to do that I think may be compatible with this kind of event:* digging (and hopefully finding pretty rocks, crystals, fossils, etc)* hiking, walking, and running* exploring "the wild"* caves* creaturesI had a few ideas, but I don't know if any of them are practical or possible, or where I could gain the skills to make these really happen?* Use our knowledge of geology to predict what kind of rocks we'd find if we dug in one place. Go there and dig, and see if we are right.* Somehow actually find something that is uncommon: iron, shark teeth, crystals* Find an area with 2-3 distinct kinds of rock, so it is very easy for the kids to distinguish this sedimentary rock over here from that igneous rock over there.* Bring back something that would be more interesting when viewed under a microscope<sub>I would hope that any answers could be generally applied anywhere, but if it is helpful I live on the Wasatch Front in Utah, USA</sub>

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