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It took me three months to be perfect at passing and controlling the ball in soccer and I am 15 is it normal?

I am a 15 year old 6’0 Center back I am very good at defending but my technicals such as passing and contrlolling and dribbling are non existent so I decided to join an academy to get a better... more
Soccer Football


should i play football or soccer

I already play soccer but all my friends play football and idk which one i should play because i really like both


How do you measure success?

Is it by the grades you earn?Is by the scoreboard at the end of the match?Or something else?As teachers what should we be focused on?As coaches what is our ultimate goal?Let me know in the comments!


How do you do a Round-the-World in soccer

Soccer Probability


Odds of 2 goals matching

Dave has a career of 11257 goals. Of that 722 are long goals and 1666 are overtime goals. What are the odds that one of his overtime goals is also a long goal?
Soccer Price Jersey


I have a used long sleeve 2006-2007 Manchester United soccer jersey and was wondering how much the price range would be?

Size of the jersey is Adult medium or small.


Can a goalie head butt a soccer ball if he can’t react with his hands fast enough?

I have wondered about this for awhile. My soccer coach said that if you can you could head butt it out of the Goal but you don’t have to.


Bella works at a lab with a huge circular particle accelerator. It has a diameter of 4 miles. What is the accelerator's radius?

I like to watch anime, play with my little brother and stay home. I like math but it"s hard for me.  


how many people play soccer in 2017?

i also have other questions about soccer


What is the natural domain of f(x)=7-3x-x^2

I need help finding the Natural Domain. I don't know how it's different form the regular domain


if there are 10 games played over a weekend (20 teams), and the outcome for each team is either a draw, win or loss, how many possible combinations are there?

Each team of the 20 teams (10 game) can either win, lose or draw, so how many possible results are there over the weekend


what is 14.73 in standard form?

I dont get how to do standard form in decimals.

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