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What kind of assessment do educators do before before beginning private tutoring of a student?

Various ages, abilities and disabilities and subject matter call for flexibility in tutoring, what are some tools a tutor might use to make an effective assessment and know they are going to work... more


Does grid drawing help with drawing from imagination?

I've taken art classes in high/middle school where I did a couple of grid drawings and I've even done a couple on my own. I also had an art class in college last semester and everyone there loved... more


What is a "visual library" and how to work on it?

Reading through concept art forums, Ive met an opinion, that one of the most important things for a concept artist is to have a vast visual library. Out of the context of that opinion I take that... more


How to draw a grid over and image that won't be printed?

In high school, I used to print images, draw grids over them and carry them around in my sketch book. Now, I have my smartphone with me all the time and am almost never near a cheap and easy... more


How can I safely transport a charcoal drawing?

What is the best way of transporting a charcoal drawing over on a long ride?The drawing is fixed with a workable fixative but im still concerned about smudging. I was thinking about rolling the... more


Keep pencil leads from breaking during transportation?

I sharpen my drawing pencils the "proper" way, with a knife. This leaves a large portion of exposed material (graphite, colored pencil, charcoal), usually 3/4 in. to 1.5 in. long.My issue is... more


Name for technique of scribbling, then drawing of bits of scribble?

I remember there being a technique for scribbling on paper (semi-absent-minded-ly), then looking at the scribbles to find shapes and inspiration.This is an example of it:... more


Going from gesture sketching to a final drawing?

I'm trying to understand the process of going from initial gesture sketches to a completed drawing. Most of the instruction I've seen talks about the gesture phase and the late detail phase but... more


Software for cartoon creation, to make a web comic without drawing by hand?

Here is my dilemma. For a while now I have had some ideas kicking around in the back of my mind for a web cartoon. I would like to try to put the idea into reality, but I run into one tiny little... more


How does the distance between stationary point and picture plane effect perspective?

I want to understand **what happens** when you increase or decrease the distance between the stationary point and the picture plane? I tried drawing a border (approximately 9” x 12”) on a real... more


what is this Liquid layer on top of archival ink?

I had an archival quality black ink for illustration. The label says it's "*waterproof drawing ink*". I didn't use it for years. And today as I opened the bottle, I found the total paint particles... more


What should I use to draw under oil paint?

I was drawing onto my primed canvas in pencil, in preparation to paint over the top in oils, but a friend told me that I shouldn't do that, since over time the graphite will rise to the surface of... more


How do I stop my finished pencil picture from smudging?

I swear, I have been drawing for years yet i still cant figure this one out. How exactly do i stop my finished pencil picture from smudging? I would appreciate anyone's help or ideas to the situation. more


How would I draw bullet impacts on a body armor?


Drawing in Perspective: Fit sphere into cube?

Assuming I have a cube drawn in two-point perspective (or even three-point).I'd like to draw a sphere inside the cube such that it touches all sides.A sphere becomes a circle on paper. * How do I... more


What's the best approach to drawing a colored picture?

I'm not an avid artist, but when I draw, I usually just sketch in pencil because it's such a simple and forgiving drawing tool. I thought I'd try drawing a colored picture, but I'm a bit lost at... more


What are the fundamentals of human figure drawing? How to improve in each of them?

I'm trying to break down what skills I need to develop to draw a realistic human figure.At the moment I got: 1. **Gesture** I have no good idea on how to exercise this, I mean, I have no good way... more


What are the key disciplines of realistic drawing?

I hear a lot of drawing instructors say to "focus on the fundamentals", but I am unclear as to what the fundamentals of drawing are. For many of the other arts, the fundamentals are clear, in... more


Sharpener for Pastel and Charcoal Pencils?

I'm having a big issue sharpening pastel and charcoal pencils. I've tried using a traditional pencil sharpener on pastel pencils but the lead keeps breaking.I've also tried using a razorblade and... more


How to use hatching and crosshatching for shading using graphite?

Up till now, my main shading technique with traditional media was to use graphite and charcoal pencils and smudge it a lot. It works fine on charcoal-heavy drawings, but charcoal has its own pros... more


How can I avoid smudging my pencil drawings?

I'm very new at drawing. I'm not very good at pencil types yet, but it seems like whichever pencil I use (I have a set of 12 ranging from 6B to 5H), I end up with smudges. Is there a way to reduce... more
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