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Write the summary using the 5 W’s, 1 H technique

Write the summary using the 5 W’s, 1 H technique.TEXT 2. THE HACKSAW RIDGE MOVIEIn Lynchburg, Desmond Doss and his brother Hal are raised by a dysfunctional family since their father Tom... more


fallacy of false division and false composition

Hello!Could you guys please give me examples of fallacy of false division and false composition. I am still not able to grab my mind around it, so could y’all give me an example of both. Thanks!
Essay English Thesis


Thesis statements for research papers on generalized anxiety disorder

What would be a good thesis statement for a research paper on generalized anxiety disorder?


I really need help with this academic essay writing, my workload doesn't allow me to concentrate on this

Topics1.  The benefits of technological advancements in communicating scientific news and knowledge2.  Advancements in technology: Addressing communication challenges during the Covid-19... more


Inductive Reasoning

Could you please help me and define these terms that are used in critical thinking and writing. I am not sure what they exactly are and how they should be used in writing Pattern  Causes Statistics... more


I need to write about a cultural myth Can you please help me What topic should i choose These are the steps that i will follow on my essay but im struggling what topic i should pick

Step 1: Choose a cultural myth that interests you. Step 2: Introductory paragraph contains your thesis statement (main idea), describing the cultural myth. Remember, an introductory paragraph... more


help English essay

If I want to put an in text citaion for a direct quote from a website what do I put? I know you have to use the author's name and page number for direct quotes but what do you put for the page... more


English question

Could this be used for a transition to show the conclusion of the essay or do I have to use an actual transition word?The sentence is... COVID 19, SARS, the Holocaust all take people’s... more


Read the passage below and create a proposal argument that will help me understand how its done correctly.

In July, 2007, Dave Thornton, organizer of the 72nd annual National Model Railroad Association convention, held in Cobo Hall, was quoted by the Detroit Free Press as saying that he appreciated the... more


Describe the history of the concept of popular culture and indicate why it is important for the study of religion.

Requirements: 2 paragraphs of 250 words


Analyze how virtual pilgrimages are similar/different to non-virtual pilgramages.

Requirement: 2 paragraphs 250 words
Essay Writing


Should the public expression of ideas deemed offensive by many be forbidden?

Conclude either that offensive speech should be forbidden, that it should be permitted, or that it should be permitted or limited only in specific cases.
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In a research paper do you have to answer the question in each paragraph or can you answer later on?

So I'm writing a research paper for the first time and the topic is "How does religion in people's lives differ today from the Middle Ages?". In my thesis I simply stated that it changes in many... more


Give me examples of "Opinions"

Could you please help me and give me examples of each of what's listed!I am trying to understand the difference. The judgment that seems probable to the speaker The belief held with confidence... more


Assumptions examples

Could you guys help and give me some examples of unconscious assumptions, working assumptions, warranted assumptions, hidden assumptions, and value or belief assumptions??I am not sure the... more


Is Hamlet insane?

Ah, one of the great questions about one of the great dramas in history.Is Hamlet, the titular (anti)hero of Hamlet, mentally ill? Ravaged with grief? Acting out due to unexpressed rage? Simply... more


Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare: Pre-Reading Reflection

How do you, personally, define treason and/or betrayal? In your opinion, which is most important: the life of an individual or the well-being of society overall? Explain your answer. In your... more


What Is a hurricane, and how do they affect our world today?

Hey, can someone write a five-paragraph essay about this question? Please make it good.... I need this by Friday next week.


Can your write an essay for me?

Can someone please write an informational essay about why college is important? My teacher requires a thesis statement, a topic sentence, and all that good stuff that makes an informational essay... more


Can your write an essay for me?

Can someone please write an informational essay about why college is important? My teacher requires a thesis statement, a topic sentence, and all that good stuff that makes an informational essay... more

What is the difference between an argumentative essay and a persuasive essay?

They seem the same structurally. What makes them different?


"We are all victims, Anselmo. Our destinies are decided by a cosmic roll of the dice, the winds of the stars, the vagrant breezes of fortune that blow from the windmills of the gods."

What does this quote mean and how do I take a position on it for an argument? Additionally, what are some examples to support the argument.

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