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Where did I go to school?


What resources to use for the GRE exam?

What resources to use for both quant and verbal for GRE preparation?

How do I get into Ivy League schools?

What do Ivy League schools require from applicants? What kinds of students get accepted? What should I do if I want to be admitted to an Ivy League university?

Partial Derivatives

The ellipsoid 4x2+2y2+z2=16 intersects the planey=2 in an ellipse. Find parametric equations for the tangent line to this ellipse at the point (1,2,2).


How can i solve this?

American Airlines requires that the total outside dimensions (length+width+height) of a checked bag not exceed 62 inches. Suppose you want to check a bag whose height is same as its width. What is... more

Evaluate the limit using l'hopital's rule

Iim (tanx)π/2-xx→π/2- Lim x tends to π/2 (negative) (tanx)π/2-x

Which ethical rule(s) or document(s) were responsible for required elements to the ICF?

Required elements of the ICF are a direct result of the various ethical rules and documents that have been established by the US government. Which ethical rule(s) or document(s) were responsible... more
Gre Reading


Verbal Reasoning Question

Does this look correct? It doesnt seem correct to me for some reason. Can someone help elaborate. Thank you. Given how (i) ________ the shortcomings of the standard economic model are in its... more


GRE quantitative question

Why / how are these quantities not equal?Question: which Quantity is greater; answer -- Quantity B is greater.A: n*m / m-nB: pThe following equation is provided: 1/n - 1/m = 1/pI isolated p such... more


Do I need to study for the GRE psychology subject test?

YES! Think of it as the psychology AP exam on steroids! There might even be some concepts you haven't heard of before if you took classes in undergrad mostly in a specific area of psychology... more


GRE VERB READING Multiple choice

Normally, business leaders would welcome such a huge market as that which exists in the area of environment improvement—— it is worth more than 500 billion dollars worldwide. But the terminology... more


GRE verb Indefinite multiple choice

Oil did not_______ the Mexican export boom beginning around 1910, but it certainly played a critical role in keeping the export sector buoyant during the early 1920sA. creatB. hastenC. quashD.... more


GRE VERB Multiple choice

the meteorological renaissance in Europe after World War I did not (i)______ the United States. In Europe, meteorology held the same rank as astronomy, and research on its theoretical underpinnings... more
Gre Gre Math


Population word problem

In 1984, the populations of 1,210 different towns were all different than their populations in 1980. The number of populations that were greater in 1984 than in 1980 was 20% greater than the number... more


retreading tires

The fixed annual cost of recappping operations is $50,000. The variable cost of recapping a tire is $7. The company charges $20 a tire. For an annual volume of 10,000 tires, what is the total cost,... more


Differences between "bitter," "acrimonious" and "astringent." Why isn't it appropriate to describe an argument as "astringent"?

>After having ___ arguments virtually every other day,the couple agreed that it was best for them to separate.>A) bitter>B) saturnine>C) astringent>D) effulgent>E)... more

What does "…not immune to such charges" mean?

This is a GRE text completion sentence>To claim that the prevailing account of an important incident, whether it happened last century or last week, is corrupted by disinformation is to enter... more
Gre Meaning


How should I understand "tone" in this context?

The following is a GRE sample question.> Jean Wagner’s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it be analyzed in a religious, as well as secular,... more


Can someone help with these two GRE verbal questions?

Requirement: fill the blank with **two** words choosen from this list, each word should give the sentence the same meaning. >1. Modern agricultural practices have been extremely successful in... more
Gre Homework


The plural of One?

I have a statement:>'The writer says we must all feel excitement and strangeness at the idea of going to sea.'Now I have to remove "we" here and replace it with "one" or any other third... more

Below are few words who appear extremly simple but have altogether very different meaning?

Broadside: it means "Verbal Attack"Aboveboard: means "Honest"Underwrite: means "Financial support"Can you please help me understand what are these called?I am aware of Homonyms and Homophones but... more
Gre Homework


Why is "schism" preferred over "demur" in this sentence?

This is a verbal reasoning question in a GRE book. Obviously, the correct answer could only be A or B. And the explanation on the text book is "the correct answer is B".> Unenlightened... more
Gre Grammar


What does "Far from ...but" mean?

I read it in GRE test. The questions is that> Far from viewing Jefferson as a skeptical but enlightened intellectual, .....So, in my opinion, Jefferson is not skeptical, and he is enlightened.... more

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