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What was the impact of the Great Depression in the United States?

What was the impact of the great depression, and the new deal on minorities? Include women, African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans.Highlight the historical assessment and your personal... more
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what is this i do not know were this is from and i need to

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Members of the Seventy-seventh Congress:I address you, the Members of the Seventy-seventh Congress, at a moment unprecedented in the history of the Union. I use the word... more
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My Qualifications as a 5 Year Tutor from a Top 5 Public University!

Hello! My name is Gianna Colby and I am a student at the University of Florida! Nice to meet you all! I have taken almost every AP and AICE, so I can tutor in a lot of those subjects. I got a... more
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Can you contact Tutor Richard G. specilizes with Deslexia students...]
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Complete the following extended response question: Who should have the power? • Develop a claim in response to the question. • Use your knowledge of government in your response.

please help. bascially what its talking about is "who has the power?" in government like for an example like the president, or government
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the effect of various commodity on the american history during the colonial period

Using William Cronon’s Changes in the Land and Ted Steinberg’s chapter “A World of Commodities,” examine the impact of three different “commodities” on the environment during the colonial period.... more
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its urgent pls help me with this question

Weigh the impact you believe the Confederate statement of no quarter for African-American soldiers, had on the recruitment of Union African-American soldiers. How you would react if in the same... more


help with this question

Why you think African-American soldiers showed such resiliency in combat in battles like New Market and Fort Wagner? 
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What are ideas of the revolution reflected in the bill of rights?

Read the Bill of Rights in order to answer the question below. You must address a minimum of 3 ideas. Responses should be in paragraph format, with an opening and closing paragraph.the... more


Any help with this question please

Explain why you think African-American soldiers showed such resiliency in combat in battles like New Market and Fort Wagner? 
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Can you write a short story

Can you write a short story With these words dissembling, heathen, conjure, providence, and trepidation
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What two Constitutional amendments directly discuss prohibition?

The 18th amendment began under the direction of President Woodrow Wilson then ratified by Herbert Hover. In 1933 Franklin D Roosevelt while waiting for the 21st amendment to be ratified.
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History Assignment

Below you will find a link to the Declaration of Independence. It is your group's task to read and analyze the first two paragraphs. Then, you and your group members will re-write those two... more
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What power is Congress using when it calls up the National Guard? Group of answer choices funding implied war veto

i dont know this please help
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Which of the following states are over-represented by at least one seat in Congress?

Solve 1 and 21. Which of the following states are over-represented by at least one seat in Congress? a. Hawaii b. Colorado c. Florida d. Massachusetts2. Which states would see no change if all... more


Civil rights movement question

Why was it difficult for people, specifically African Americans to stay together during the Civil Rights Movement?
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The South was for the most part fighting a defensive war.

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American history question

Identify a time in American history or current events when different individuals were required to come together and work as a team for success. Describe the example, including the difficulties of... more
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Why was WWI a turning point in history?

Why was WWI a turning point in history?


Can someone please help me with this homework problem? I would really appreciate the help!

Question: A justice writes: “I am not sure of the original intent of the Constitution’s framers, but my decision is based solely on the actual words of the Constitution.” Which best describes that... more
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What do you as the student expect from the tutor?

A variety of answers can occur depending upon what the student wants.
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Impact of Protests Movements

What do you consider to be the most positive changes to come out of the protest movements of the 1960s? What do you consider to be the most negative changes? (How did things get worse?) In what... more
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Lessons of the Vietnam War

What lessons do you think should be learned from the Vietnam War? Do you think that political leaders and Americans (in general) today have learned these lessons? Explain your answer.

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