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Select all of the items that are considered evidence to support continental drift:

Select all of the items that are considered evidence to support continental drift:paleoclimate beltsglacial depositsfossil recordsocean floor samplesoil reservesmountain belts


Earth's mantle and core ?

Has there ever been an attempt to explore the Earth's mantle (either manned/robotic) ? There was an exploration of the Mariana Trench the deepest point of the crust under the pacific ocean, but it... more


Select all features that help to identify oceanic ridges.


Geomatics and surveying

The dimensions of a rectangle shaped lot measured with a 100m tape is 135.175m and 67.432m. A standardization exercise revealed that the tape was actually short by 7.9cm.Determine the tru perimeter... more


what is the name for earths supply of water


The grains of the parabolic dunes?

My text book says that parabolic dunes consist of consolidated limestone grains, but I wondered if they have sand grains too, so I googled this issue and found that they consist of sands, but I am... more


The position of magma chambers?

Where do magma chambers exist? Is it necessary that they exist in the asthenosphere where the circumstances of temperature and pressure are suitable for the rocks to be molten? Or they exist in... more


Is there any case that changed from earthquake safe zone to danger zone?

Is there any case that changed from earthquake safe zone to danger zone? As plates move, I think that earthquakes belt will change over time. But is there really a case in which the earthquake-safe... more


Do our continents lay on the mantle because solid silicon dioxide is less dense than its liquid form?

I don't know whether quartz behaves like ice or not, but could it be because silicon dioxide, which the continents are made of for a big part, is less dense - so the continents lay on top like ice... more


Upon breaking apart andesite, what do you get?

I'm aware that andesite consists of about 60 percent silica and as for minerals, pretty sure it's usually pyroxene and plagioclase. What form would these take on if they were to be separated?... more


Impression and pseudomorphism in fossils?

In a book on invertebrate paleontology I have (Treatise on Invertebrate Palaeontology, A) there is a diagram showing possible fates of a shell after the death of the organism. One of the possible... more


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. How does this work?

Radioactive rocks can release a gas called radon when they decay, which can build up in the basements of buildings with serious effects on people's health. Does anybody have information on how... more


Is porphyritic texture always indicative of a 2 stage cooling process?

Is porphyritic texture always indicative of a 2 stage cooling process? Can't the phenocrysts and groundmass be formed at the same time depending upon the chemical constituents forming the rock? The... more


Presence of cross stratified conglomerates in fan deltas?

Why are cross stratified conglomerates found in deposits of fan deltas? I know that fan deltas are alluvial fans that deposit directly into the sea, hence they are poorly sorted.But could not... more


Is there an estimation how much organic matter there is still in the ground?

Oil, gas and coal are produced from organic matter. But is there an estimation how much is there still under the Earth's surface?


Are volcanoes formed from earthquakes?

I know that some earthquakes are caused by volcanoes and that some earthquakes can trigger volcanic eruptions close to where the earthquake is. But what if a great earthquake(8.0 or above) occurs... more


Is it possible to determine where gold might be found based on a map, and if so, how?

Is it possible to locate potential gold deposits using maps that describe dominant rock type, altitude, vegetation, or geological formations? (I realize that the location would probably still have... more


What can one come to know about a mineral just by knowing name?

I have been busy learning the components of various minerals for upcoming test....is there any way to predict the components or properties of a mineral just by knowing it's name? Eg: albite,augite,... more


Ocean ridges generally are located

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