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Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel - I don't understand relative and absolute references

What is a relative or absolute reference?
Microsoft Excel


How do I write an IF statement and embed another IF statement

The format of the IF statement is: =IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false)Example=IF(A2 = "Pizza","Yes, Pizza","No")Is cell A2 has Pizza, then it will return "Yes, Pizza" otherwise it will... more
Microsoft Excel Excel


How do I link my excel spread sheet contents over to a word document

I need help with trying to link my excel spreadsheet contents over to a word document (such that, when I do the data entry into excel, it also updates the word document) I have taken a basic course... more
Microsoft Excel


How do you SORT in MS Excel (Online)?

Given a small database (Used Car Dealership) shown below: Model Type (C or T) Color  Price 2 or 4... more
Microsoft Excel Excel


if function in excel

I have scores from ranging from 1 to 14 that I would like to prorate down to a number out of 5. Is there a way to do this with an IF function?
Microsoft Excel


Which MS Excel function will return the rank of a value as a percentage of a given array or dataset?

(array, x)array = what range of data are you looking at?x = Which value within the range are you looking at?
Microsoft Excel


Graphing equations

A publisher needs to send many books to a local book retailer and will send the books in a combination of small and large boxes. Each small box can hold 25 books and each large box can hold 50... more
Microsoft Excel Excel


Building a dynamic table in excel based on dropdown lists options

I need to create a fitness training program that contains 4 dropdown lists (Program 1-3, Phase 1-3, Week 1-4, Day 1-5) and that each possible combination of these variables will retrieve a... more
Microsoft Excel Excel


How can I learn Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel


If formula error

Why is my If formula not copying down? It’s giving me a false error, I’ve tried adding absolutes as well.
Microsoft Excel Power Bi


Create a summary table using power BI

Hello, Join multiple tables to create a summary table i.e picking one or two columns from 7 to 10 tables/spreadsheets to create a summary table. Summary table will have one record per subject. I am... more
Microsoft Excel


Excel Lookup Functions

You have a data table and need to find data points in relation to other data in the table. The data you are looking for are to the left of (or above) the column (row) with the reference data, so... more
Microsoft Excel


Copy a column in excel to another area of a sheet that matches a field in the top

I have some data trying to organize using excel functions, one of the question i have is below.I have 2 tables in one sheet (those can be in two sheet/tabs also). In table 1, the data in Apr-2020... more
Microsoft Excel Excel


help with excel

I can’t figure out how to make this happen. i have a user form created in excel. i have radio buttons, drop down lists and a text box on the userform. for example: if in the drop down list I choose... more
Microsoft Excel


Excel formula help

10. In cell D21, enter a formula without using a function that multiplies the value of cell D22 by 2.83 and then adds the value of cell D19 to the result.
Microsoft Excel Math Science Physical Science


What is lagging effect?

I have no idea what this question is about. I have the graph plotted but stuck at lagging effect? 'Does this plot support the theory that lead in the environment (and hence taken up by children) is... more


Import Gantt chart from excel to word 2010

helloi have inserted the diagram and link it with the excelbut i want to have only the word filehow i can embed the chart without needing the external excel file?
Microsoft Excel


Using Countif in Conditional Formatting with Sequential Cells

Hello,I have an excel sheet which I need to highlight rows based on value from another cell. If this particular cell is part of a set of certain numbers, the entire row gets highlighted. Easy... more


Excel Financtial Functions

You are considering making an investment. The initial payment for the investment is $1000. In the secondyear, you will receive $3500, in the third year you will have to pay $2000, in the fourth... more


Excel Financtial Functions

The IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is another very useful function. Internal rate of return (IRR) is a metricused in capital budgeting to measure the profitability of potential investments. Internal... more


Excel Financial Functions

Time to learn some new functions! Depreciation is the process by which a company spreads the expense ofan asset over its useful life. Even though a company may actually pay for the asset... more


Excel Financtial Functions

Calculate the total monthly payment: You want to buy a house that costs $250,000, you have $25,000 for adown payment, loan rate interest is 3.5% a year compounded monthly and you plan to get a... more


Excel Financial Functions

Assume the same data as provided in question #4. How much would you have to pay each month to pay offthe loan in 10 years?Data from question #4: Time for a new problem. You want to borrow $200,000... more


Excel Financial Functions

Time for a new problem. You want to borrow $200,000 at 4% interest compounded monthly. If you canafford to make monthly payments of only $1200/month, how many months (cell J14 on the sample... more
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