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How Do I Create a Vlookup?

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Excel: I need to take given data and sort between f, d, or Both. Then I need to separate the data once determined by f or d pounds

So, imagine there is an excel sheet with a column full of f or d values, another with random minute values, and 5 different zone columns with a number in only one of these per row(These 5 columns... more

What is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook?

Document/docs .doc?Database/sheets .xls?Presentation/slides .ppt?Email application?These are known as what software?.
Microsoft Excel


Comparison Time Range formula

Hello,I'm currently using a formula that counts the number of entries that fall between a certain time range. The error I receive is for an entry at 10:03 PM not being counted between the time... more
Microsoft Excel


How do I link data in one worksheet to another?

Reduce time required to prepare Excel worksheets by inputting data into a primary worksheet and then linking other worksheets to it. This will not only reduce preparation time, but also reduce the... more
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Can someone help me write a short story with theses words

 salty. sweet.spicy.delicious . sour  musty. odorstink.malodorous blaring.clapped distorted honking  clashing  angular.black  bright . drab dull. abrasive dry.sticky.rough.shaggy. 
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Excel Spreadsheets

Hi Brian, What formula pulls data from multiple columns from four different sheets into one sheet connected to a drop down list with multiple names?
Microsoft Excel


Billing Question

Im trying to find someone to tutor me, but I am not comfortable putting in my billing information before i decide if I even want to do this. It seems like a very dishonest practice. Im not asking... more
Microsoft Excel


If you wish to have $60,000 in 8 years, how much do you need to deposit in the bank today if the account pays an interest rate of 9%?

How do I use the financial function in excel for this?
Microsoft Excel


Having issue with Excel 2019

In cell N5, enter an INDEX FUNCTION that will retrieve the name of the movie with the highest gross sales, Write the function as the array argument.
Microsoft Excel Excel


Why are the rows and columns of my pivot table showing blank when there is data?

Microsoft Excel Sales Sales Targets


How would I put the below details into an excel spreadsheet?

Year 1 - £350,000 target with a 30% margin, 100 clientsYear 2 - £700,000 target with a 27% margin, 250 clients Year 3 - £1,000,000 target with a 25% margin, 300 clientsI am selling to private... more
Microsoft Excel


how do i solve this problem in excel

In cell B8, create a formula without using a function that multiplies the value in cell B7 by the value in cell B6 and then adds the value in B7. In this formula, use a mixed reference for cell B6... more
Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel - I don't understand relative and absolute references

What is a relative or absolute reference?
Microsoft Excel


How do I write an IF statement and embed another IF statement

The format of the IF statement is: =IF(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false)Example=IF(A2 = "Pizza","Yes, Pizza","No")Is cell A2 has Pizza, then it will return "Yes, Pizza" otherwise it will... more
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How do I link my excel spread sheet contents over to a word document

I need help with trying to link my excel spreadsheet contents over to a word document (such that, when I do the data entry into excel, it also updates the word document) I have taken a basic course... more
Microsoft Excel


How do you SORT in MS Excel (Online)?

Given a small database (Used Car Dealership) shown below: Model Type (C or T) Color  Price 2 or 4... more
Microsoft Excel Excel


if function in excel

I have scores from ranging from 1 to 14 that I would like to prorate down to a number out of 5. Is there a way to do this with an IF function?
Microsoft Excel


Which MS Excel function will return the rank of a value as a percentage of a given array or dataset?

(array, x)array = what range of data are you looking at?x = Which value within the range are you looking at?
Microsoft Excel


Graphing equations

A publisher needs to send many books to a local book retailer and will send the books in a combination of small and large boxes. Each small box can hold 25 books and each large box can hold 50... more
Microsoft Excel Excel


Building a dynamic table in excel based on dropdown lists options

I need to create a fitness training program that contains 4 dropdown lists (Program 1-3, Phase 1-3, Week 1-4, Day 1-5) and that each possible combination of these variables will retrieve a... more
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How can I learn Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel


If formula error

Why is my If formula not copying down? It’s giving me a false error, I’ve tried adding absolutes as well.

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