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Law specifically law of contract

Discuss the legal principles of the Law of Contract in the case of Erasmus v Wiechmann (I 1080/2011) [2013] NAHCMD 214 (24 July 2013]In your discussion explain the relevance of the case, judgement... more

A government uses laws to accomplish which of the following?

(A) None of the answer choices are correct(B) Control the emotions of its members(C) Govern the actions and behaviors of its members(D) Limit the thoughts of its members
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Business Ethics

Which statement about ethical decision making is false? A. learning how to act ethically will make you more marketable.B. most people believe they are ethical all of the time. C.acting ethically is... more


What is the fundamental principle of ‘The Rule of Law?’

Law Practice


When we say that ethical principles apply to everyone, we mean that they are:

a. universalb. rationalc. prima facied. eudiamone. subjective


contract law , interpretation and contracts

Last year, Hollywood Production Studios released Carwreck, featuring comedian Jamie Jumer. When negotiating the filming of Carwreck, the parties included the following clause in the contract: “If... more


Could the federal government pass a bill to completely legalize marijuana nation-wide? Or would states still need to approve?

Could the federal government pass a bill to completely legalize marijuana? Assuming they get a majority in the house and 2/3 if the senate plus the president’s approval. I know that the “MORE” act... more


how should i advice?

Ms. Tyra Fierce was appointed as auditor for Victoria Secret Sdn. Bhd. During the course of auditing, she discovered some discrepancies in the company’s account. Rumours were circulating for months... more


Am I being charged with battery?

I got a letter today from an attorney. The letter is stated as an advertisement. It says I have been charged with battery and gives a case number. I've looked up the case number and no results were... more
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Civil Procedure Hypo

James Walker is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. He is a former employer of Johnson Electrical Co. of Baltimore. He was discharged from employment in 2016. He believes that his... more


Regarding the prison legal system

Is it true that female Correctional officers are permitted to observe showers of nude male inmates but male correctional officers are prohibited to observe showers of nude female inmates?


how to be successful in law school

recently started law school but im having a tough time. I'm looking to get some tips to help me!


Law related question

Ally works at the Larin store on Madison Avenue and has recently overheard her manager talking about theft of expensive coats from the store by a young woman.  Ally goes to a party where... more

How Do You Make Corporate Rights/Contracts Enforceable?

My name is Emmett D. Decker. I've been wanting an answer to this question since about the 5th grade now. Even though I am now 16 years of age, no adults [Or Google] I have asked within that time... more

Essay Homework Help!

1.Definitions – answer each with a minimum of 1 to 2 sentences. CulpabilityHedonismMens reaMitigating circumstancesdemonologyShort answer – answer each of following with a minimum of 1 to 2... more

What would the Washington state have to prove in order to find the boys guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder?

Two fifth grade boys out in Washington state had a plan that was caught by their teacher to kill one girl and injure six others. Both boys will be tried as juveniles.The fifth graders, who are 11... more

Do you think a prosecutor should charge that carry life sentences in order to get a plea to a minor charge that will carry no jail time?

How does this fit in to what we are talking about regarding 'elements' of a crime. What about issues like motive or intent? Do you think they matter here?


Is "broken windows" theory a valid explanation for crime rates? What are your personal thoughts?

The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and... more


Rigths for pregnant employees

Jemima started a job at Easy-Clean, a chain of dry cleaners, four weeks ago. She works in a small shop and does not do the dry cleaning herself (although this is done on the premises). She works... more
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contract law case study

EcoPlumb Ltd (“EL”) agreed with Righton Ltd (RL) to supply and install a new, eco-friendly energy saving heating and air-conditioning system in RL’s factory and offices for a price of... more

Please give me a short explanation

Most police agencies' effectiveness are measured by how much crime is reported to the UCR. Briefly explain what the UCR data consists of. Then explain what the strengths and weaknesses of this... more

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