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What do I need to know to succeed in law school?

Can a cop arrest someone for illegal substances found without probable cause?

If a policeman searches someone's car WITHOUT probable cause or a warrant (say they're just looking for something to arrest someone for, for example) and happens to find something like illegal... more

Help with writing question: my brain is screaming for help:(

I need to come up with a hypothesis for my topic of cybercrime- child solicitation. It is for a hypothetical research paper.


Give example and explain administration of deceased estate



Creating laws and rules

In the given case, 98% population has been wiped out due to zombie apocalypse. Chaos and shocking situation have been spread so the people started to live in the bands or in the groups. But among... more


What are the legal implications of two or more people living together for economic reasons?

Explain why we need laws that address the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant and the rights and responsibilities of each party. HINT: Research Rental Contracts and the Residential... more


Read the following passages and advise the parties.

Glossips, a monthly fashion and TV magazine, is famous for its celebrity gossips. The December’s issue includes the following stories: “Caught and Kicked Out”---- a photo showing celebrities in... more

The ICT revolution

What is the ICT revolution? Please explain.


to assign a contract for the sale of real property means to

Explain how the federal government and California government?

In term of chief executive’s authority to appoint executive officials (or cabinet member for the federal government), line-item veto and term limits for legislators.


Choose one of the following scenarios and answer the questions about it.

Scenario 1One day while reading the newspaper, Fred sees an advertisement:“Exceptional offer: BMW Z4 Roadster for sale £12,000.”The ad had been placed by a local car owner desiring to sell his used... more
Law Bar Exam


Constitutional Law (Free Speech): "Content Rich" & "Content Neutral" Speech

07-06-2020What is the difference between "content rich" and "content neutral" speech and which of the three balancing tests (strict scrutiny, intermediate scrutiny, and rational basis scrutiny)... more


Best Methods for making people respect or obey the law.

point by point with the explanation.


Please help! Urgent! Problem Solving Case Study

Justin and Selena were married but is now on the verge of getting a divorce due to irreconcilable differences.Eleven months ago, after moving in with his current girlfriend, Nora, Justin had... more

I dont know how to answer this question.

The Sunnyside is an oil tanker which was registered in Lupine. The Sunnyside was arrested by Geraniums patrol on 28 October 2007, at about 195 nautical miles from the baseline of Geraniums... more


What is invermental law


Business Law Question

Steve Urkel, a brilliant 23-year old scientist with questionable coordination skills, was preparing to board a Delta Airlines flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Los Angeles International... more


is this a legal binding contract or invitation to treat

Maureen Holdsworth has just bought the village shop called “The Kabin” and anxious to please the locals, decides to put an advertisement in the local paper stating that she will sell... more


Please help law question

Can someone please help The law firm Wiley, Kai, Otee and Associates ran a TV ad that dramatized an auto collision, with injuries and hospitalization of one of the victims, and finally, the trial... more


i need help with my social studies study guide (9th grade government)(or law0

Length of Terms in Congress Qualifications for both housesGerrymander 4 types of committeesHow a bill becomes a law riderexpressed powers implied powersBills of... more


Law specifically law of contract

Discuss the legal principles of the Law of Contract in the case of Erasmus v Wiechmann (I 1080/2011) [2013] NAHCMD 214 (24 July 2013]In your discussion explain the relevance of the case, judgement... more

A government uses laws to accomplish which of the following?

(A) None of the answer choices are correct(B) Control the emotions of its members(C) Govern the actions and behaviors of its members(D) Limit the thoughts of its members
Law Business


Business Ethics

Which statement about ethical decision making is false? A. learning how to act ethically will make you more marketable.B. most people believe they are ethical all of the time. C.acting ethically is... more

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