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How do you know that you are not a genius?

Does it onlytake a high IQ to be a genius?

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Hi MI, it would depend on how you define "genius," as well as the assessment or test that is used for measurement of one's "genius." In the area of assessing intellectual quotient (IQ), the test or assessment used must have been shown be reliable and valid, with standardized procedures, and normed on populations comparable to the individual who was tested. For example, due to linguistic differences, commonly-used tests of intellectual ability may not accurately reflect the verbal intelligence of individuals who are D/deaf or hard of hearing, and therefore should only be administered and interpreted by professionals well-versed in testing this population. Finally, there are many aspects involved in the cognitive system that comprises human "intelligence," from working memory to cognitive efficiency to executive functioning. People can have strengths in certain areas and weaknesses in others.

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In short, no. High IQ is not a requirement of genius. Genius is a socially derived term referring to an individual who has a tremendous ability in one or more areas (polymath), and who has achieved to a level of significance for their society or humanity. Savant "Genius" - are people who have stunning abilities in one field but may in fact be otherwise "low IQ". If you are interested in this topic- PBS did a series of shows on the subject you can find in YouTube. You can also view the current neuroscience research in the field in YouTube. 

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My opinion is that if you asked the question in the fist place, you already show a great deal of intelligence.  Geniuses are usually those who refer to themselves as such.

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According to a well respected scientist, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  If you're willing to work hard you can be a genius.