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the lemon tree billiards house by Cedric Yamanaka was written in the 1990s, long after the American literary era of regionalism and realism was over. why might the writers of the unit 4 curriculum... more
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Is Hamlet insane?

Ah, one of the great questions about one of the great dramas in history.Is Hamlet, the titular (anti)hero of Hamlet, mentally ill? Ravaged with grief? Acting out due to unexpressed rage? Simply... more
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Is it better to learn ESL online or in person?

Many students think online is impersonal because the student isn't in the same room as the teacher.Are there any advantages to online learning?
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what is the The product of 15 and a number

what is the The product of 15 and a number
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On SAT Reading, do I read the passages or skip them?

There's not enough time to read the passages and answer all the questions on the SAT reading, but some people get perfect scores. Are they just faster readers?I know some people skip the passages.... more
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write a paragraph with these words

Adversary Alienate Artifice Coerce Craven Culinary Demise Exhilarate Fallow  Harass Inclement
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Writing Process

Is there a tutor than can help me with the Writing Process?
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How much will tutoring actually cost me?

What is the cost and benefit of having a tutor?
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What is the best study schedule for a big upcoming test?

How do I prepare for an upcoming test?
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Do I really need a tutor?

Are tutors worth the money?
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What is the difference between assemble and dissemble?

These are both verbs - but they mean very different things.
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How do you get an 800 on the SAT Reading section?


Reflect and Analyze this quote: “There are no subspecies in the human beings that live today.” What is the meaning behind that quote?

Reflect and Analyze this quote: “There are no subspecies in the human beings that live today.”What is the meaning behind that quote?* This has to do with race and backgrounds and on how people view... more
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The sentence(s) below has one or more blanks. Beneath each sentence(s) are five words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

He believed that in order to _________ the problem fully, he would need to understand all of its _________.A) solve...positionsB) embrace...nuancesC) comprehend...extremeD) experience...thoughtsE)... more


english language arts questions

why shouldn't you write the authors argument/purpose/perspective or rhetorical strategies or techniques in the passive voice?why wouldn't the sentence below be appropriate for the rhetorical... more


please try to explain it as much as you can

Sixteen L shapes like the ones below have been fitted into a rectangular shape. Each L has one hole, and there are four of each type in the rectangle. No two pieces of the same type are... more
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I need a quick list of sentence errors to watch out for on the SATs

I don't have time to study. What should I look out for?


SAT #10 Reading (Question 31)

The main purpose of the passage is to [...]?


Are there any SAT study groups here on WyzAnt?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 26 & 27)

Based on the passage, Bottke and Levison’s conclusions would be most weakened by a study that [...]?


SAT #9 Reading (Questions 22 & 23)

In McKinnon’s view, Ceres differs from other objects in the asteroid belt in which significant way?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 17)

The author quoted in lines 58-60 expresses which view of the study’s results?

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