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Politics and Sociolgy

The past few years have seen a rise in political engagement. In addition to voting, how can U.S. citizens influence political processes and outcomes? Which of these strategies have you personally... more
Sociology Anthropology


Is there any theories on earth that can explain why people love to read books (especially physical book)/ have the habit of reading book?

Maybe something like Immersion? But I am not too sure is Immersion a theory itself? Are there more specific theories that I can use? Please advise. Thanks!


Sociology can be considered a social science because:

a) is sociologist collect data on a relatively objective and systematic way b) stories of life and livingc) theories are logical, expect and supported by empirical evidenced) ideas and research... more
Sociology Social Studies


2 true/false one explanation

Latent functions are intentional, such as teaching computer skills in school true or false? Labeling theory is more interested in reactions to deviance rather than why someone breaks norms true or... more


If you were given the chance to be in the following position, what will be your influence based on the Servant Leadership? Choose one and justify why.

Direction: If you were given the chance to be in the following position, what will be your influence based on the Servant Leadership? Choose one and justify why.A. One of the most famous vloggers... more


Impacts of Media in One's Life

List 5 impacts of media in your life and explain how it can change your life.


Relationship between Regionalization and Globalization

In the most detailed possible way, explain the relationship between regionalization and globalization.


What helps to make environmental sociology distinctive and useful a field?

At least 450 words with clear description.


Explain the comments in the scenario (in description) do explain the comments using classical criminology theories only?

I have to apply classical theories such as theories by Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria to explain a in which an MP argues for capital punishment as a means of stopping people from commiting... more


How to Apply Sociological Imagination Problem in Remote Learning?

How can do you relate personal troubles such as poor communication with classmates and professor because of unstable internet connection as a public issue? How can do you apply Sociological... more


Conducting Developmental Research (Questions)

1. In a classic study by Bandura (1965), preschool-age children were individually taken to a research room to watch a film. The film portrayed an adult hitting an inflatable doll with a mallet and... more


Functionalism Theory -Durkheim

What is a latent function in the healthcare system during this current pandemic? (Sociology)
Sociology Psychology


Please help me with this question

Why is it essential to be mindful of how society shapes our perspectives?
Sociology Psychology


Please help me with this question

Recognizing the influences that shape us can help us figure out how to change our situation, including Increasing the equality or freedom of our society. But, even if we understand what effect our... more


Why did Max Weber resort to Antipositivism?

How used clothing impact the consumer identity?



____________ pointed out that society should be a meritocracy but, it’s not

a.Ralf Dahrendorfb.Thorstein Veblenc.Melvin Tumind.Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore
Sociology History


how can historiography and sociology (social science disciplines) reflect/explored/influenced on the black life's matter

how historiography and sociology relates and is reflected and explored throughout the black lifes matter


Explain the different assumptions unilinear as well as multilinear evolutionary theories have about the social changes in a society.

I hope to get an answer for this. it's really important.

A method to approach this question?

For school, I'm researching the uneasy balance between the ideal of academic freedom on the one hand and the existence of Confucius Institutes on many campuses.My research question will probably... more


Please read the readings on education: "The Coleman Report" & "Long-term follow-up of a preschool experiment"

Question 1: Do you think these two findings are against each other?Question 2: Based on your answer to question 1, please pick one of the following questions to reply. Using materials from the... more


Health Psychology/ health-related behavior change

Consider population-level interventions that aim to achieve health-related behavior change (mass media, financial incentives, etc.). What do you think would be the most effective plan or method for... more
Sociology English Psychology


250 Words Question

Describe a problem you have solved or a problem you would like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma—anything that is of personal importance, no matter... more

Muslim Concentration camps in china

How does the treatment of muslims in china affect muslims worldwide? How does China's treatment towards muslims affect society in general especially the muslim communities worldwide?

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