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Why do we read social studies?

Can you help me identify this social policy concept: if a mechansim can be abused, it will be?

I dimly recall a concept, I think defined by an economist, although I cannot remember the details or context. I think an example--apocryphal or not--was welfare recipients who would have more... more

Book recommendations: What social/political structures are humans inclined to form?

This may fall under the scope of Anthropology, but here goes: I'm looking for a book which explores the question: What social/ political structures are humans naturally inclined to form? 1. What... more


Where did the term "social studies" come from?

What are the contribution of political parties in enhance local democracy?

What are the contributions of political parties in enhance local democracy?

The ethics on darwinism and social darwinism?

Has someone written a monograph on ethics related to social darwinism and darwinism?

Does the percentage of single mothers correlate with high welfare states?

CATO released their [Work Versus Welfare Trade-off 2013 study](http://www.cato.org/publications/white-paper/work-versus-welfare-trade). Table 4 shows that in 8 states, welfare pays the equivalent... more

Age-weighted democracy - is it possible?

A pure democracy gives equal voting rights for voters in the society regardless of their demographics (age, gender, or ethnicity). However, in many referendums, younger voters have a different... more

Is the fact that private investment schemes are scams the main justification for social security?

Social security in the long term is just taking money and giving it back later. I am trying to understand the point. The only justification I see is if private investment managers are very bad and... more


What was a carpet bagger?

How wide is the John Hancock building?

I need to find out how wide it is for a school project made of popsicle sticks. please help.

Is "non-white" politically incorrect in South Africa?

My sociology tutor claims that the word "non-white" is associated with apartheid values, and has requested us not to use it in essays. Do you agree with this? Some of the authors of the articles... more

For what stated reasons (not opinion) is classical communism antagonistic towards the bourgeoisie more than the aristocracy?

I am not extremely familiar with the intricacies of Marxist ideology but many of [these... more


How did the Tudor line end?

Are political alignments of African or Caribbean black immigrants in line with African-Americans?

Anecdotally, I have found that anyone I personally know who is a first-generation immigrant from either Africa, or non-Hispanic Caribbean (less so) is a lot more likely to be "righter-wing" in... more


What are upper class values?


To what extent should air travel security take precedence over mobility and privacy rights?

what is your opinon on this
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