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Social Studies Anthropology Sociology


Clothing matters - Anthropology

Two functions or purposes of clothing/fashion that you think are particularly important in the world today. Explain why you think these functions or purposes are so important, and try to provide... more
Social Studies Psychology Sociology


Using Databases in Social Science

Select a topic that interests you. It should relate to human behaviour or society (e.g., drug addiction, immigration policies, juvenile delinquency, mental illness, high school graduation... more
Social Studies Psychology Sociology


Transtheoretical Model/Stages of Change Model

For the transtheoretical model/stages of change model  provide a response to the following:In your informed opinion, tell me what you feel are the pros, cons, and general thought about it as a... more
Social Studies History World History


please help me!!

Take the role of an Enlightened Philosopher and tell me what you would like to see change in gov’t, new reforms you want and any new rights you think we deserve .
Social Studies History Geography


Was the SR a “rebirth” of its own or did it just continue where the Renaissance left off?

Was the SR a “rebirth” of its own or did it just continue where the Renaissance left off?
Social Studies Science Geography


Why might a description of a region change? Explain.

Social Studies


social studies 7 th grade kinda hard so i need help right now

what is the vocabulary word to: pass over a long body of water


Is the American system inefficient? What did the founders intend to gain by sacrificing efficiency?

What impediments to efficiency were written into the Constitution and what were their intended purposes?


What are the fundamental differences between the Neorealist and Classical Realist approaches to international relations?

Answer with references to the some of the most important scholars in each of these respective schools of thought.
Social Studies


How do you solve disputes with others?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to get a answer and see how it works this is my first time trying this website.
Social Studies Business Problem Solving


The degree that ethics and values may influence decision making

Social Studies Language


Language imposition and Bilingual

What's the different between being bilingual and having a language impose? For example bilingual is by nurture and by choice but language imposition is forced upon others like how the colonizers... more
Social Studies


What follows a preposition

Social Studies Science English


Please give me a short explanation

Most police agencies' effectiveness are measured by how much crime is reported to the UCR. Briefly explain what the UCR data consists of. Then explain what the strengths and weaknesses of this... more
Social Studies History World History


Why was Russia referred to a “backward” nation throughout most of the 1600’s?

Why was Russia referred to a “backward” nation throughout most of the 1600’s?
Social Studies


What is predestination?

Social Studies Math Science


What instrument is used to measure temperature

Social Studies


socials studies

 Identify what actions were taken by Southern states in reaction to Abraham Lincoln’s election as President of the United States in 1860, what their rationale (AKA: explanation) was for doing so,... more
Social Studies


Did the Crusaders accomplish their goal of retaking the Holy Land?

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