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Social Studies


Boston tea party

How did the Boston Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts help to unite the Patriots in their fight against the British?
Social Studies English Sociology


Impacts of Media in One's Life

List 5 impacts of media in your life and explain how it can change your life.
Social Studies Economics Sociology


Relationship between Regionalization and Globalization

In the most detailed possible way, explain the relationship between regionalization and globalization.
Social Studies


What was the purpose of the Crusades?

Social Studies


Your individual rights are derived from _____.

Social Studies


Special purpose government is a form of local government



True or False: The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution requires that all states and courts must listen to federal law.True or False: The Commerce Clause of the Constitution has assisted the... more
Social Studies Sociology Criminal Justice


Explain the comments in the scenario (in description) do explain the comments using classical criminology theories only?

I have to apply classical theories such as theories by Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria to explain a in which an MP argues for capital punishment as a means of stopping people from commiting... more


Please Help Me thank you

True or False: The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution requires that all states and courts must listen to federal law. True or False: The Commerce Clause of the Constitution has assisted the... more
Social Studies Science Geography


According to most climate scientists, how are humans contributing to Earth’s current warming trend?

According to most climate scientists
Social Studies Philosophy Logic Sociology


How to Apply Sociological Imagination Problem in Remote Learning?

How can do you relate personal troubles such as poor communication with classmates and professor because of unstable internet connection as a public issue? How can do you apply Sociological... more
Social Studies Math Science Reading


what is the mass of a pair of boots 2 grams or 2 kilograms.

Social Studies Writing Nursing Essay


Essay prompt question

I am having hard time understanding the meaning of "Discuss your position on a healthcare or social issue" I am confused by the word position. Could you explain what this prompt is asking me to do?... more
Social Studies


The Progressive goal to implement woman's suffrage was accomplished by - *

this is very versy very very very important


Federally Funded Agency Name Change Cost.

If a federally funded government agency was going to change its name how much would it cost? I’ve searched the web and I can’t find the information I’m looking for. Ex: The National Institute of... more
Social Studies Psychology


Deductivley valid argument (NEED HELP)

. Is this argument deductively valid or invalid? Explain your answer.P1. Every person that I know is truthful. P2. Some people who are truthful have told a lie. C1. Some person I know has told a... more
Social Studies


who was at the first Continental congress


How do these events and the account of Gilbert’s 1583 voyage reflect the influence of competition among European nations on exploration and colonization of the Americas?

Here are the events: In the 1560s, Sir Humphrey Gilbert proposed a plan to search for the Northwest Passage. Later, he devised schemes to colonize North America and upset Spanish, Portuguese, and... more
Social Studies


true or false answers

Canada occupies most of the northern portion of the northern America continent
Social Studies Social Work


Why did families separate during the urban migration?


Social studies and government

Which clause of the constitution provided the federal government expand powers generally referred to as reserved power?a. The commerce clauseb. The necessary and proper clause c. The three-fifths... more
Social Studies


What are the 14 elements in a democracy from most essential to least essential

History and Social studies

The Virginia House of Burgesses was the first ?A. Democratic assembly established by the Mayflower Compact.B.First British religious institutions in the colonies.C.Assembly established by the king... more

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