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What is the white and gray matter in the brain really made of?

Hi, I'm really interested in neurology and neuroanatomy and I was confused about white and gray matter in the brain. White matter is myelinated axons and gray matter is somas, but doesn't each... more


Research Method Question

I am a grad student( neuro) and taking an engineering course, my background is more cognitive/behavioral so I am learning about signals and systems, but some concepts remain elusive. For single... more
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Is unilateral inattention the same or different from unilateral neglect?

I have always been advised neglect and inattention are the same. I was advised by two academics these are different but I am not sure if I should take their word for it as I can not find any... more
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Are certain receptors only found on certain neurons?

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Opposing pharmacological effects

To what extent can agonists reverse antagonists? Is ir possible associated pathways don't return to their original behavior?
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How do I remember the function of the Amygdala?

In Psychology, Neuroscience has become prevalent in helping people who have experienced traumatic events. It is important for people in the field of Psychology to understand how trauma impacts the... more
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Can someone clarify whether the cingulate cortex is part of the limbic lobe (not to be confused with the limbic system)?

To my knowledge, the limbic lobe consists for the cortical component of the limbic system whilst the remainder of the limbic system is composed of the subcortical components. More specifically, can... more


How are the Tegmentum and the Dorsal Medulla the same thing if they're located in different sections of the brain?

I am trying to learn about the brain, I can't currently afford college so I'm teaching myself to the best of my ability and I'm confused about something. So- The Medulla Oblongata is made up of the... more


Why have humans evolved much more quickly than other animals?

Humans have, in a relatively short amount of time, evolved from apes on the African plains to upright brainiacs with nukes, computers, and space travel. Meanwhile, a lion is still a lion and a... more
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Will neurons die if they are inactive for a long time?

We know that when muscles are not used they atrophy. Does something similar also happen in neurons if they do not receive any stimulus?


How do you define "methodological approaches" in neuropsychology/psychology?

For example, in the paper belowFani, N., King, T. Z., Powers, A., Hardy, R. A., Siegle, G. J., Blair, R. J., ... & Bradley, B. (2018). Cognitive and neural facets of dissociation in a... more

Why do neurones use chemical signalling at synaptic junctions?

When a neurone fires, it sends an electrical signal that jumps down the axon via the nodes of Ranvier very rapidly. At a synaptic junction, chemical Brownian diffusion signalling with receptor... more


How is temperature sensed?

Can anyone summarize the mechanism by which when an object of a given temperature is placed in contact with, say, the skin on a human fingertip, the average speed of the particles of the object is... more
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Why do the two hemispheres of the brain control the opposite sides of the body?

Why does the left hemisphere control the right and the right hemisphere control the left? I googled it but didn't find a good answer regarding this. Could someone explain? Does this adaptation help... more


What do you see when your eyes are closed?

If you are in pitch black and you close your eyes, you sometimes can see strange shapes of various colors. A lot of the time these shapes and colors change as you observe them. This phenomenon... more


Are there any plants with nervous systems?

I know that plants can send impulses through their "body." However, I was curious if there were any types of plants that had nervous systems? Or something similar? Thank you!
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Can parts of a human brain be asleep independently of each other, or vary in the times required for them to fall asleep?

I know that some birds and marine animals can continue complicated activity (swimming, flying?) while one hemisphere of their brain is asleep.I'm interested if human brain has some parts of it that... more
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Is it correct that the body only responds to the most painful stimulus?

*I'm rather ashamed to say that this question is partly based on an episode of House.*I have previously heard that, if there are multiple simultaneous painful stimuli, the mind will only feel the... more
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What determines whether a substance can diffuse across the blood-brain-barrier?

What determines whether a chemical substance is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier via passive, transmembrane diffusion? What structurally differentiates these chemicals?
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Why does getting certain chemicals in cuts hurt?

More specifically, shampoo. What are the mechanics of detecting a noxious chemical stimulus in terms of which receptors recognise what, how do they do it, and how is this information relayed to the... more
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Does caffeine actually enhance cognition?

I have heard, respectively: - Caffeine measurably enhances cognitive function. - Caffeine does not measurably enhance cognitive function in any significant way. - Caffeine enhances cognitive... more
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Why do we feel tired if we sleep excessively?

When we eat, finally we feel full. I know which mechanism causes the sensation of being full. But when we sleep excessively we often still want more sleep. Why does this happen? Is there a... more
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What limits the maximum spacing of Nodes of Ranvier and which organisms tend to have the widest gaps?

Assuming that a longer distance between gaps in the myelin sheath is beneficial for an organism due to the increased propagation speed, what is the limiting factor in determining the maximum... more

Why do antidepressants have a delayed onset of action?

Why do antidepressants take so long to reach efficacy? I've read of theories about it perhaps being due to the strength of negative feedback via serotonergic and adrenergic autoreceptors during the... more

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