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Measurement Math Factor Highschool


Scale factor, Price per meter

A rectangular display, with the dimensions 3m by 4m, shows the layout for Trout River conservation area. The display was created using a scale of 1:150. It costs the state $0.65m2 to maintain Trout... more
Measurement Math Geometry


What are the dimensions of a box with minimal surface area that has a volume of 64000 cm^3?

I need full solutions please and thank you :).


Math problem help!!

An ice cream cone has a diameter of 2.0 in. and a height of 5.5 in. What is its volume?show work to help!!


Math problem help!

The largest pyramid in the world is in Cholula, Mexico. Its base area is 1,960,000(feet squared) and its height is 177fta) what id its volume?b) about how many hotel rooms, each 30 ft by 25 ft by... more


Math problem help!

The circumference of a circle is 20π ft. What is the exact area?show work to help thank you!!
Measurement Math Algebra 1 Geometry


I need immediate help :(

Decide whether the triangles are similar. If so, determine the appropriate expression to solve for x.Triangles ABC and EDF, where triangle ABC has angle A measuring 53 degrees, angle C measuring 62... more
Measurement Chemistry


calculate the percent error if the experimental value of the density of zinc is 9.95 g/cm3.the accepted value is 7.13 g/cm3

it in an integrated science book 8th grade nos 18 the one with a bee


Identifying scale of measurement for the dependent variable?

I am doing a research study on short-term memory. My research study will be whether gender has an impact on short term memory for college students. I need help identifying the scale of measurement... more
Measurement Math Science Chemistry


What is the hypothesis for this procedure?

1. Measure the length of a table, the length of the room that table is in, and also the width of the room that the table is in. Make all of the initial measurements in centimeters... more

Is there a way to calculate the total length of all paths in a vector file?

I have a laser bed that people send me vector art to cut out. I charge by the inch and need a way to quickly select all of the vector artwork and get a total distance of all the paths.Are there any... more
Measurement Geometry


Multiply the area

Can you make a rectangle that has 2 row of square with an area of 11 square unit


Peer relationships measurement?

Is there a method for measuring peer relationships in university students (e.g., a questionnaire)? I am looking for a questionnaire that can be used to asses the level of peer relationship among... more

Is there a standardised questionnaire measuring tendency to think emotionally versus logically?

I want to conduct a research on the effect of emotions on decision. It is about the role of affective and cognitive processes in making a decision. I want to know if an individual relies more on... more


Why don't the Big 5 personality traits have more neutral names?

Lots of different areas of study appropriate common-language terms as jargon words with a specific meaning in the context of that particular field, but the names of the Big 5 personality traits... more


What pro- or anti-environmental behaviors are feasible to measure objectively rather than with self-report?

One of the central challenges in understanding pro-environmental behavior is measurement. Currently, most researchers (including myself) lean on self-report of behavior. I'm looking for a... more
Measurement Biology Human Biology


What is the average speed of human sneeze?

I sneeze a lot, at various times and various "volumes", and often wonder about the speed of the sneeze itself, i.e. the speed of the air coming out of the nose while sneezing.What is the average... more
Measurement Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


∠ABC is a 40∘ angle. Point A is at (7, 1) Point B is at (3, 2) Point C is at (8, -1)

If ∠ABC is rotated 180∘ about the origin, what are the new points on the image and what is the new angle degree measurement?
Measurement Math Triangle Angles


The second angle of a triangle is 20 degrees greater than the first angle. The third angle is twice the second. Find the three angles.

I'm really bad at math, and I need some help understanding this.
Measurement Prealgebra


Workout the average speed for the whole journey. Give your answer in km/h, correct to the nearest whole number

Philip lives 10 km in 40 minutes. He rested 5 minutes then ran a futher 8 km in 35 minutes.


The measure of angle WXY is 150. The measure of angle WXZ is 1/10 the measure of WXY. What is the measure of angle ZXY

The measure of angle WXY is 150. The measure of angle WXZ is 1/10 the measure of WXY. What is the measure of angle ZXY


The area of a rectangular garden is 36m^2. The length of the rectangle is 5m more than its width. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

The area of a rectangular garden is 36m^2. The length of the rectangle is 5m more than its width. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?   

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