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Does self-compassion have negative consequences?

Self-compassion is often compared with self-esteem and it seems that self-compassion is more effective and positive than self-esteem. A lot of studies have shown that excessive levels of... more

Psychology of disrespect and being proud of law breaking. How does it work and how to combat it?

A little preamble. After the collapse of the Soviet Union (hereinafter S.U.), the people got lost, they didn't know who they were, what they wanted to do and who was going to tell them what to do.... more
Behavior Writing Psychology


Is there a name or explanation for the behaviour of writing the second letter first?

When I am writing (pen and paper) I sometimes write the second letter of a word first. I write it like the first letter, so capitalized if that applies. I notice this problem the second I put it on... more


Suppose that the caloric return rates from hunting among the Efe vary by the number of people who participate in the hunt.

The total average catch made by a hunting group varies by the hunting group size in the following way:   Group Size           Average Group Catch/Day       1                                40... more


Betty worked with 42 women for 379 days. She found that together, they collected 3,235 kg of shellfish in a total of 886 person-hours of work.

Based on laboratory analysis, she determined that 22.6 kg of shellfish provide 3,670 calories. a) What is the caloric return rate one of these women earns from shell fishing (calories per... more


Describe a real-world phenomenon that can be modeled by one of these two trigonometric functions.

The sine and cosine functions are used to model periodic behavior. find an internet resource that discusses the periodic behavior.

Im working on a project for applued behavior analysis and was curious how to conceptualize behavior into responses, activities, and results?

Using the concept of behavior, how can it be conceptualized into each of the three topics: results, responses, and activities?
Behavior Language Dogs Brain


Dogs ability to communicate

"I would like to know if a puppy is born with the inherent knowledge to bark and even if isolated kept in isolation from other dogs would it still know to bark. Or is this something that is a... more

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