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What is the significance in the changes to our ancestors' pelvic structure?

Why are these changes significant and what do they tell us about our evolution?


Can you clear my misconception ?

In anthropology, I have a misconception regarding one thing which I have a misconception regarding one thing which I have explained below:In countries present in continents like Europe,... more


Anthropology question

Adolescence is often thought of as a period of biological transition from childhood to adulthood, but according to Margaret Mead, it is significantly shaped by the culture we are part of. After... more


Major forces that shape the health outcomes of individuals and community members

Early 2000s asking questions about the different ways people move through cities and how social categories and identifications are formed around various mobilities
Anthropology Social Studies


Do you know names of some contemporary Latin social influencers?

in creative arts -music, acting, pop culture, politics


What is it about anthropology that makes it unique?

Anthropology is the study of human biology and culture Anthropologists study human variation, evolution and adaptation The focus of anthropology is on pre-historic societies 1&2 None of the... more


Which of the following best describe the objective of biological anthropology the best?

Genetic and cultural understanding of human diversity Classifying human diversity using social and behavioural sciences Understanding human diversity via history and artefacts Examining human... more
Anthropology Sociology


What is an example of role strain?

According to Schaefer (2022), role strain is the difficulty that arises when the same social position imposes conflicting demands and expectations. Which formative assessment tool and teaching... more


Key characteristics of the four lenses of liberal arts

What are the key characteristics of the four lenses which are history, social science, natural science, and humanities?
Anthropology Sociology


Is there any theories on earth that can explain why people love to read books (especially physical book)/ have the habit of reading book?

Maybe something like Immersion? But I am not too sure is Immersion a theory itself? Are there more specific theories that I can use? Please advise. Thanks!


Please help me with this question?

Explain from an Anthropological perspective how various factors (e.g. globalization, pandemics, physical environment, etc etc.) have come to affect human behaviour and culture to create the iPod... more


How used clothing impact the consumer identity?


Do you think the human body is adapting to the Corona Virus?

Elaborate with help of evolutionary theory and highlight virus adaptation in to new forms like delta variant and its effect on human society?


What’s a species that became extinct before being classified?

Hello. I’m taking an anthropology class and need help finding an example of a species that became extinct before it was even classified. I need to also include what kind of creature it may be,... more


Cultural and Biological Evolution

What are some ways that cultural evolution drove biological evolution (and vice versa) in humans?


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Cooking? Cleaning? Gardening? Watching anime or playing video games, I love it all too. I know I'm corny you don't have to tell me but what am I (the answer IS in the question 🤝💯). (I put emojis to... more


For each of the following major topics, discuss...

For each of the following major topics, discuss a) what we know about the topic b) the major lines of evidence that archaeologists use to study it, and c) how this topic fits into a broader... more


A new bestselling book claims that ancient Egyptians exploited birds and anti-gravity devices to lift the stones of the pyramids....

A new bestselling book claims that ancient Egyptians exploited birds and anti-gravity devices to lift the stones of the pyramids. The evidence consists of several hieroglyphs, as below, that... more


Imagine you are out on a survey and you find a piece of obsidian....

Imagine you are out on a survey and you find a piece of obsidian. You would like to know if this piece of stone was modified into an artifact by humans, or whether it is just a naturally-occurring... more


Market exchange is characterized by:

a) The barter of goods and services at a market.b) The use of an exchange medium such as US dollars.c) The exchange of goods and services for other goods or services.d) The exchange of goods,... more

Class & Inequality

Of the four theories of class (Marx, Weber, Bourdieu, and Mullings), which do you find most persuasive, and why?What do you think should be done to reduce inequality in American society?

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