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Mendel’s principle of independent assortment says that the genes controlling different traits are inherited independently of one another. Today, we know that is ONLY true when

a mutation causes abnormal cell division.the traits are both recessive.the traits are located on the same chromosome.the traits are located on different chromosomes.the trait occurs on the X or Y... more


Cultural Extinction

Define cultural extinction. And what impact does globalization have on poor cultures. Please provide one example that has happened during the period of globalization. Please do not discuss societies. more


Who is the father of anthropology?


What theories are there about belief and knowledge?

I have never seen a giraffe other than via recorded media, and it is entirely possible that I never will, but I have reason to believe they exist. I have seen them in depicted books, on TV etc and... more


During the rise of agriculture, did early humans know how to do selective breeding?

Grains like rice and wheat have had their yields increased exponentially, was it just sheer luck that early humans cultivated good genes until they noticed a general improvement in yield?


What would a physical anthropology major entail?


Is monogamy a human innate behaviour?

As the question states, got curious and I was wondering if monogamy is an innate human behaviour or is it because of how we built society (religion, traditions, etc.)? Let's say we go back in time,... more


What are some ethnographic examples of wild greens being used as food?

In what I've read of food plants used by indigionous cultures I usually hear of roots, fruits, seeds and nuts but almost never greens, I know they don't have the same caloric punch as other foods... more


Why do totems tend to be animals, and not plants/rocks?

For my anthropology class, we're reading Emile Durkeim's "Elementary Forms of Religious Life." He has a section dedicated to discussing why totems tend to be animals, but his argument is that... more


First accounts of religious behaviour and artistical expression?

Do you know any resources on these topics?


Cat domestication?

We hear all the time about the history and evolution of canine/human relationships, but I'm curious about the history of cat domestication. Did it happen roughly the same way with some key... more


Are there examples of primates or other seemingly highly cognitive animals domesticating other species to any extent?

Perhaps there is a better place to ask but so far as I know, domestication is an anthropological system. Please enlighten me otherwise. Simply curious. Thanks in advance.


Why are neanderthals not considered as homosapiens?

There are visible morphological differences between neanderthals and homosapiens. But is there any major dna difference between them like apes and humans? If the difference is solely based on... more


When did human adults start drinking animal milk?


Is there a human society without dogs?

Are there human societies that do not have dogs for any purpose whatsoever? Perhaps in south of Ethiopia, away from where they would naturally be wolves around the time of domestication? Dogs just... more


Where can I learn about concepts of survivals and parallels in ethnoarchaeology ?

I’m tired of searching on the net and can’t find anything proper. Basically the topic I want to cover is : Survivals and Parallels among the hunting, foraging, fishing, pastoral and peasant... more


What are the five fields of anthropology?


What is ethnography?


What is functionalism?


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