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Measuring emotion?

I'm doing a quasi-experiment for an assignment, and the dependent variable is emotional response. FMRI is not a feasible option, so is there another good and reliable way to measure emotion without... more

Is there a standardised questionnaire measuring tendency to think emotionally versus logically?

I want to conduct a research on the effect of emotions on decision. It is about the role of affective and cognitive processes in making a decision. I want to know if an individual relies more on... more

Are psychologists more immune to psychological problems?

Does knowledge of a psychological problem prevent (or enable one to better defend) the development of psychological issues? For example, if a person has studied about depression and is familiar... more
Emotion Psychology


Where is hatred born inside our brains?

I don't think anyone is born to hate. I believe people learn to hate by the direct effect of the environment. I want to know where exactly inside one's brain this hatred emerges and affects a... more


Why do people like to listen to sad songs?

Why do people like to listen to sad songs? Sadness is not a positive feeling, so people should avoid it, right? Listening to sad songs is like inflicting some pain to yourself just for... more

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