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Regression Help

The following table gives information on the amount of sugar (in grams) and the calorie count inone serving of a sample of 13 varieties of Kellogg’s cereal. Sugar... more
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Two Population Means

At a recent faculty meeting, we were wondering if freshmen have more free time than seniors. We took a sample of 25 freshmen and 23 seniors. Each student was asked to record the amount of free time... more
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Statistics question- Testing a Hypothesis (Type I and Type II errors)

Remember our bank that’s sending out DVDs to try to get customers to make payments on delinquent loans? It is looking for evidence that the costlier DVD strategy produces a higher success rate than... more
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Statistics Two-Sample t Statistic

Is there a difference in the amount of airborne bacteria between carpeted and uncarpeted rooms? In an experiment, seven rooms were carpeted and seven were left uncarpeted. The rooms are similar in... more
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Statistics Confidence Interval

In a randomized comparative experiment on the effect of dietary calcium on blood pressure, researchers divided 48 healthy white males at random into two groups. One group received calcium; the... more
Statistics Question Statistics Confidence Interval


Statistics Confidence Interval

Europeans have been more skeptical than Americans about the use of genetic engineering to improve foods. A sample survey gathered responses from random samples of 862 Americans and 12083 Europeans.... more
Statistics Question


On an exam whose scores followed a normal distribution, a student's z-score was −1.

What percentage of students scored better than he did? (Use the 68-95-99.7 Rule.)
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Between z >1.36 and z <1.99

 need help 
Statistics Question


An engineer is going to redesign an ejection seat for an airplane. The seat was designed for pilots weighing between 150 lb and 201 lb.

An engineer is going to redesign an ejection seat for an airplane. The seat was designed for pilots weighing between 150 lb and 201 lb. The new population of pilots has normally distributed weights... more
Statistics Question


Statistical poll question

I interviewed 100 people. I asked them to look at a photograph of 2 men. One is 17 years old and the other is 20 years old. The people interviewed had to guess who was the older looking man in the... more
Statistics Question


which of the following would be the mean of this data set 5,17,22,56,4,2,33,21

A. 16.90 B. 20.00 C. 18.06 D. 19.00
Statistics Question


What is the percentage of the men between the following values?

Heights of men on a baseball team have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 175 cm and a standard deviation of 8 cm. Using the empirical rule, what is the approximate percentage of the men... more
Statistics Question


calculating probalities using a confidence interval of sample size

For a random sample sample of 150 households in a large metropolitan area, the number of households in which at least one adult is currently unemployed and seeking a full time job is 12. Using a... more
Statistics Question


what is the expected number of correct answers Jason will get on the 12-question quiz?

If he randomly selects responses between the 3 remaining choices for each question, what is the expected number of correct answers Jason will get on the 12-question quiz?
Statistics Question


20 cars , 7 have defects If I pull 2 randomly what probability 2 have defects?

20 cars, 7 have defects If I pull 2 randomly what probability 2 have defects?
Statistics Question


what is the probability of spinning all the colors of a 4 color spinner in 5 turns

There are no additional details. There are no additional details. There are no additional details. There are no additional details. 
Statistics Question


Statistics question

Suppose we are with a real estate agency that hasthe following houses listed in a specific geographicarea. $150,000; $146,000; $152,000; $155,000;$143,000; $157,000; $180,000; $148,000;... more
Statistics Question


what is the probability of getting a total of 7 or 11, if two dice are rolled?

statistics course 
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Normally distributed

Eleanor scores 680 on the mathematics part of the SAT. The distribution of SAT math scores in recent years has been Normal with mean 555 and standard deviation 79.Gerald takes the ACT Assessment... more
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Is this question is a combination or a permutations? and how to solve it step by step ?

How many licence plates of three symbols (letters and digits) can be made using at least one letter in each? 
Statistics Question


What is the z score of x=9, if 9 is 1.5 standard deviations to the left of the mean?

I would like some help with this question and explanation.  
Statistics Question


usual and unusual values

A certain group of test subjects had pulse rates with a mean of 80.580.5 beats per minute and a standard deviation of 10.510.5 beats per minute. Would it be unusual for one of the test subjects to... more
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Normal Distribution

How do I tell if my data is normally distributed looking at my data on the Shapiro-Wilk output?   Male: Statistic: .966 df: 14 Sig. .822   Female: Statistic: .912 df: 14 Sig:... more
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