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How do I ace standardized tests?


Choose the word that best completes this sentence.

He made the ____ decision to gauge his mother's mood before asking her for financial assistance.A) pompousB) sagacious C) imprudentD) ambivalent


e/r=i solve for r

why can't you multiply by 1/e to both sides? I got r = i/e but the equations aren't equivalent.


PSAT 8/9 tutoring

Do you have experiance in tutoring PSAT 8/9 test?


passes through the point (-3,-2) and is perpendicular to the line y= 3/2x -5

Please answer final tomorrow


english language arts questions

why shouldn't you write the authors argument/purpose/perspective or rhetorical strategies or techniques in the passive voice?why wouldn't the sentence below be appropriate for the rhetorical... more


Your bank account increases by 5% each month. Right now you have $200,000 how much money did you have 2 months ago?

Topic: Sequences the equation is:t(n) = 200,000 • 1.05ndo we divide by 1/1.05 and make n = 2


BCD and Binary Decimal

How do we convert 1111010.11(binary) to decimal by first representing it in BCD form and then converting it to decimal


Confidence interval or hypothesis

I have to write a confidence interval or hypothesis test problem using the option below. Basically, the example that is provided I cannot use and create my own “example”. This is far too difficult... more


What is the best way to prepare for a test

Preparing for a test in an organized fashion can make all the difference in the outcome.


Part-Time Job in the summer for an ice cream store [Assignment]

You have a part time job for an ice cream job.week 1: 20 hours workedweek 2: 15.5 hours workedweek 3: 17 hours workedweek 4: 22.5 hours workedYou earn d dollars per hour. Write and simplify an... more


Find f(x) and g(x) so that the function can be described as y = f(g(x))

edit:I forgot to add the following info;y = (10) / ( √(2x + 9)a.) f(x) = 10 , g(x) = √(2x + 9)b.) f(x) = 10 / √(x) , g(x) = 2x + 9c.) f(x) = 10 / x , g(x) = 2x + 9d.) f(x) = √(2x + 9) , g(x)... more


Sally ordered her groceries online. She accidentally ordered 120 pounds of flour (instead of 10 pounds) and only uses five pounds of flour every two months. (more below)

the equation that represents this situation is: y=-5/2x + 120why is 120 pounds the y intercept?


SAT #10 Reading (Question 31)

The main purpose of the passage is to [...]?


Are there any SAT study groups here on WyzAnt?

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