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Write an example of Pygmalion effect from personal experience.

I'm from 2nd semester. The example should be a bit detailed and real. Thankyou.
Social Psychology Self


Write an example of Pygmalion effect from personal experience

Social PsychologySelf
Social Psychology Crime Race


Myths related to race and criminal victimization in the United States.

According to actual data, is crime inter-racial or intra-racial? Are media depicted images of crime accurate or inaccurate? If the images are inaccurate, offer a theoretical explanation which... more
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Why do we lose control momentarily?

We may be able to control our temper most of the times, but there are times when on the spur of the moment we react the way we don't want to. Yet we do so. Why are we not able to carry our... more
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Peer relationships measurement?

Is there a method for measuring peer relationships in university students (e.g., a questionnaire)? I am looking for a questionnaire that can be used to asses the level of peer relationship among... more
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Is there a standardised questionnaire measuring tendency to think emotionally versus logically?

I want to conduct a research on the effect of emotions on decision. It is about the role of affective and cognitive processes in making a decision. I want to know if an individual relies more on... more


Is there any research about effect of unfamiliar environment on stress?

It seems intuitive to me that there is some kind of stress when one is put in an unfamiliar place (There's probably effect on cognitive abilities too). However, I can't find any paper in psychology... more
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Does self-compassion have negative consequences?

Self-compassion is often compared with self-esteem and it seems that self-compassion is more effective and positive than self-esteem. A lot of studies have shown that excessive levels of... more
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What pro- or anti-environmental behaviors are feasible to measure objectively rather than with self-report?

One of the central challenges in understanding pro-environmental behavior is measurement. Currently, most researchers (including myself) lean on self-report of behavior. I'm looking for a... more
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Psychology of disrespect and being proud of law breaking. How does it work and how to combat it?

A little preamble. After the collapse of the Soviet Union (hereinafter S.U.), the people got lost, they didn't know who they were, what they wanted to do and who was going to tell them what to do.... more
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How to recognize contempt?

What are the obvious signs of contempt/hatred in human relations and what is the cause for these behaviors? In other words, are there physical and behavioral traces/signs of contempt and hatred?... more


Books about trust?

Could you recommend me some books that cover trust and how it is developed, what helps us build trust and why we might or might not need it. I am not interested in the relationship self-help books... more


What's the psychological issue name of fear of people?

With the issue of being afraid of doing anything before people, one has to work hard on self control to prevent the body shaking on every tiny action, like hold a pen, drink water, etc, and when... more
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Why do we say, "Oh!" when we are surprised?

I have noticed that I and many of my peers tend to say "Oh!" whenever we are surprised or think of an answer to a question. This "Oh!" is not only prevalent in English, but also in Korean and... more
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Possible applications of the big five personality traits testing in human resource departments?

I am a multimedia artist who is interning in a human resources department of a casino resort. In the department we have daily meetings to discuss updates to both the orientation and the performance... more
Social Psychology Psychology Learning


What can I study as a layman to develop practical knowledge of human psychology?

What can I study as a layman to learn enough facets of psychology to develop better understanding of human behaviour? Unfortunately as I know nothing of the field I'm not really certain about what... more
Social Psychology


define the concept of a social role?

define the concept of a social role?
Social Psychology


What is a norm?

what is a norm  
Social Psychology


Is self handicapping a conscious or unconscious process

It would be great if you could provide examples as well
Social Psychology Sociology


What roles will science and/or religion play in the political, economic, and social life of people living in the 21st century, global era?

Please answer this best as you can on what your opinion is?
Social Psychology


What type of motivation leads to the best goal outcomes? Achievement Attitude Extrinsic Intrinsic

What type of motivation leads to the best goal outcomes? Achievement Attitude Extrinsic Intrinsic
Social Psychology


people seldom evaluate their own abilities and opinions comparing to others.

true or false
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what is reality ?

How can I tell whats real from not for certain ? I mean for ex the table in front of me right now ? What makes it real ? Is seeing , feeling or even ppl telling me that its real enough to make it... more

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