3 Answered Questions for the topic bias

Why don't the Big 5 personality traits have more neutral names?

Lots of different areas of study appropriate common-language terms as jargon words with a specific meaning in the context of that particular field, but the names of the Big 5 personality traits... more

Name of the psychological phenomenon of doing something just because you've already started doing it?

I feel like people really often do things just because they've‚Äč already started doing it. One example could be the Electronic Evidence of Sales just established in Czechia. It's a system... more

What is the name of the bias that associate a thing as good because it has a relation to another good thing?

A customer buys X from "brand A" and has positive experience with it. "Brand A" also sells Y. Now the customer things it is good to buy Y because of his/her positive experience with buying X from... more

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