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Public Speaking


Reading Scripture in a Service - Public Speaking

I'm often asked to read scripture in church. How do I make this sound interesting even when I'm reading?


Linear Functions

Cameron and David are both driving along the same highway in two different cars to a stadium in a distant city. At noon, Cameron is 700 miles away from the stadium and David is 850 miles away from... more
Public Speaking Writing Songwriting Novel


Can you help me grow?

Public Speaking English Writing Speech


Make an advocacy using technology, you can choose any advocacy.

Public Speaking


How are you engaging your virtual audience?

Please share tips and tricks that you are using to emotionally connect with your virtual audience.
Public Speaking


How can I become a tutor for you?

I would like to become a tutor for your company, but don’t see any options to register.
Public Speaking


Do you think a speech should be memorized?

When presenting a speech before an audience, do you think it's more effective to memorize it or use note cards?
Public Speaking Outlines


In a speech outline, what are Parallel Main Points?

Public Speaking Language French Foreign Language


Who wants to learn french the easiest way?

Public Speaking


How can I calm down before giving a speech?

I get really nervous when I have to talk in front of a class or give a presentation. I just read off my notes or the Powerpoint and my teacher keeps asking me to be louder. I get so scared that... more


What do you understand by effective questioning skills? Why they are important to learn?

Asking the right question is a skill as well as an art. However, majority of people are unable to ask the right question at the right time, hence they end up short of valuable information or data.... more
Public Speaking


The Kings Speech

How have each of these men overcome their fear of public speaking? How did their interpersonal relationships affect their achievements?
Public Speaking English Speech Speaking


Help please *Informative speech* public speaking

I need a topic for an informative speech.My teacher said that the topic must fall in one of the 3 categories1.object2.event3.conceptI chose food culture but I don't know if it falls into one of the... more


Essay Homework Help!

1.Definitions – answer each with a minimum of 1 to 2 sentences. CulpabilityHedonismMens reaMitigating circumstancesdemonologyShort answer – answer each of following with a minimum of 1 to 2... more
Public Speaking


How do I become a better Public Speaker?

How would one go about getting public speaking tips that will help reduce anxiety, dispel myths, and improve performance?
Public Speaking


Does human's are technology of extraterrestrial beings.

As there are many evidence's that extraterrestrial beings have came to earth in past, so can we say that they helped us in updating or they have made us
Public Speaking Voice (music) Singing


How can I sound more confident?

Basically, you learn to "manufacture" confidence. Just as you would build a car or product. The concept of "Fake it till you Make it!" also applies. By working diligently on opening your mouth,... more
Public Speaking


What is the greatest fear students have when making a speech?

What are students greatest fears when speaking?
Public Speaking Speech


How can we overcome the challenges of speaking on video?

Speaking without a live audience providing us with visual and verbal feedback can be a challenge. How do we stay focused, know we're on track, and remain interesting while on camera?
Public Speaking


i need to interview someone who has lived through the 60s?

here are the questions: What were your favorite songs and musicians during the 1960s? What was your favorite movie or TV shows during this time? What was your take on the events that took place at... more
Public Speaking Language Spanish Communication


Are you in need to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second spoken language in the United States. Are you trying to pratice speaking Spanish so you don't forget it, or are you trying to learn Spanish as a beginner? Well, I would love... more
Public Speaking Wedding Speech


Do I need to sound upbeat when speaking in public if that is not natural to me?

Absolutely not. Pretending to be "upbeat" or even confident can backfire. If you get nervous, you will be more worried about what you look like versus about the message you are trying to convey. As... more

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