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Public Speaking


How to find specific tutor

Help me find tutor Sydne K, communication expert. Saw while browsing but now can not find
Public Speaking


How to gain confidence when Public Speaking?

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How can I improve my vocabulary?

First, I rate your current vocabulary usage (beginner or intermediate).I access word studies to fit your needs,We practice writing sentences using synonyms and antonyms.
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How can I reduce my accent?

Public Speaking


I did not receive approval to tutor two classes

Public Speaking and Career Development courses
Public Speaking Grammar


How to professionally greet in Spanish

If you had to do a speaking exam, how would you greet your professor in a way that sounds professional?
Public Speaking


Developing Confidence in Public Speaking

How can one develop confidence in public speaking so that he can become a better speaker?
Public Speaking Writing


What books will help be write and speak better?

Public Speaking Writing


How do I make my essays and speeches stand out? - Tip #1

Public Speaking


What can I do to make my speeches or presentations more engaging?

What are some things I can do to engage my audience when I am doing a speech or presentation?
Public Speaking Speech


How should I prepare for a speech?

I know what I want to say, but I'm nervous to get in front of people.
Public Speaking


why do you think people still don't think climate change is real/happening?

Undoubtedly, one of the most pressing and controversial environmental public health issues is climate change. Given what you learned and what you have seen in the media, why do you think people... more
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Some unique topics for an informative presentation and one for a persuasive essay.

So, I have this assignment for my speech class where I have to come up with one informative presentation and one persuasive presentation. The informative presentation is one where providing the... more


What should I look for when hiring an accent reduction coach?

American accent training
Public Speaking


do a critical analysis of no more than Seven hundred (700) words from a public speaking perspective. In your analysis, endeavor to address both public speaking and speech writing elements

Reviewing Video: The Mood-Boosting Power of Crying, Kathy Mendias. Your evaluation should include the following considerations;[ ] Evidence of appropriate planning[ ] Evidence of... more
Public Speaking


Reading Scripture in a Service - Public Speaking

I'm often asked to read scripture in church. How do I make this sound interesting even when I'm reading?


Linear Functions

Cameron and David are both driving along the same highway in two different cars to a stadium in a distant city. At noon, Cameron is 700 miles away from the stadium and David is 850 miles away from... more
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Can you help me grow?

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Make an advocacy using technology, you can choose any advocacy.

Public Speaking


How are you engaging your virtual audience?

Please share tips and tricks that you are using to emotionally connect with your virtual audience.
Public Speaking


How can I become a tutor for you?

I would like to become a tutor for your company, but don’t see any options to register.
Public Speaking


Do you think a speech should be memorized?

When presenting a speech before an audience, do you think it's more effective to memorize it or use note cards?
Public Speaking Outlines


In a speech outline, what are Parallel Main Points?

Public Speaking


Tutor note’s where do I see them

Where do I see tutor’s notes on the last lesson?
Public Speaking Language French Foreign Language


Who wants to learn french the easiest way?

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