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Geography: Strategies to manage social and economic issues in urban areas are more challenging than those strategies used to manage environmental problems.’ How far do you agree with this view?

I have no idea how to answer this question.I need to answer 20 markers for geography ALEVELSbut if i cant get my grades up then i might drop it.can i get help on answering this question?
Social Work Social Studies


Why did families separate during the urban migration?


Tomaso Kampanela and Thomas More created their own patterns of “perfect societies”. Why these teachings were named “utopias”?

How do you think can a good peaceful social idea be transformed into something negative in real life?any examples (from world history/movie).


Creative Writing Question in 250 words

Describe an issue that you have solved or a problem that you want to solve. It can be an intellectual obstacle, a study question, an ethical dilemma, no matter the scope, something that is of... more
Social Work


Recordings From a session

How can I listen to a recorded touring session from last night


America Self government culture

How is the KKK related and influenced by American’s self government culture 
Social Work Operant Conditioning


What is an example of operant conditioning in social work?

Social Work Word Problem Wordpress


System of Equation Word Problem

Amanda has two different tutoring rates.Rate A is a flat fee of $10 plus $10 per hour.Rate B is $12 per hour.What is the Least number of hours she must tutor to make more money using Rate B
Social Work


The Act of Public Speaking

In spite of a person’s character traits, being the ”center stage” during any public presentation always triggers fears of rejectionTrue or False I'm not sure
Social Work


Human Services 410

As it relates to motivation of employees, which theory’s basic tenet is that people have an innate drive, as well as a learned drive to create, foster, conserve, and protect the quality and... more


Play a role of being a therapist (plz help)

`You are playing the role of a therapist. Based on the info given, diagnose patient 1 and patient 2 using DSM5 and explain why you chose that diagnosis.  Be sure that your diagnosis matches all of... more
Social Work


What is the difference between BSW and MSW?

Social Work


What is treatment modality for social work?

Social Work


What is dialectical behavior therapy and when is it used?

Social Work


What are common public perceptions of social workers?

Social Work


What is on the social work licensing exam?

Social Work


Can you be licensed in two states for social work?

Social Work


Court Ordered Therapy and Confidentiality

There is a court program for youth where the youth has a court employed therapist and a probation officer (PO). HIPPA applies to the therapist, but the court wants to use an "accountability list"... more
Social Work


What steps do I need to take to become licensed?

Social Work


What is Welfare Fraud?

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