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How many bacteria will be there if the starting number of bacteria is 2 and the total time is 2 hrs. Generation time is 20 minutes

Nt = (Ni)2n Nt = total number of cells after divisionNi = the starting number of cellsn = number of generations = divide the total time in minutes by the generation time in minutes.If a sample has... more


help with this genetic problem

In drosophila, a trait called curled wing (cu) is recessive to a wild-type wing, a trait called striped body (sr) is dominant to wild-type body, and a trait called scarlet eye (st) is recessive to... more


Question about Anatomy and Physiology- Up and Down Receptors

Please explain up-regulation and down-regulation as it applies to receptor sites. Describe how this impacts the system long term and give an example for both up and down.


Neurology Question?

Upon arriving at hospital, Robert was clinically assessed. There were no obvious signs of injury,apart for some skin abrasions and bruising of his back.Neurological examination found that Robert... more


How corticosteroids help spinal cord injuries?


What does the basic photosynthetic equation indicate about the source of much of the dry mass of a plant?

a. Water is an important reactant and is therefore primarily responsible for the increase in dry mass as a plant grows.b. Inorganic carbon taken from the air is an important reactant and is... more


Why would net primary productivity be more useful than gross primary productivity for predicting the number of species and population sizes of heterotrophic organisms found in an ecosystem?

a. GPP can vary as the amount of sunlight varies, but because the amount of energy used by plants in cellular respiration is constant, NPP will therefore always be a constant.b. The magnitude of... more


Why is it important to consider emotional state of individual when treating them?

Why is it important to consider emotional state of individual when treating them?


Environmental Science

a) i. The U.S. uses roughly 4.0 million Gigawatt-hours per year in electricity. Currently 50% of our electricity comes from coal. If every 1.0 kilowatt-hour of coal burned releases 2 lbs. of carbon... more


converting units of measurements

Your friend needs your help! This friend was prescribed a medication, in pill form at 20 milligram (mg), tobe taken once per day. The pharmacy carried the medication only in solution form at 40... more


college biology

Your doctor prescribed eye drops for you to treat a certain condition. You obtain the eye drop liquidmedication in a small bottle containing a total volume 20 ml. Your instructions were to apply 2... more


Which is a part of interphase?

A. ProphaseB. G1 phaseC. CytokinesisD. Telophase


which phylum are segmented worms classified in?


If Hardy-Weinberg conditions exist, what will happen to the frequency of a dominant allele over time?

a.) the frequency will increaseb.) the frequency will decreasec.) the frequency will remain the samed.) the frequency will double with each generatione.) it is impossible to predict the frequency


Does paracetamol have COX-2 inhibitors?

1 3 4 5 6 7 71

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