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Is unilateral inattention the same or different from unilateral neglect?

I have always been advised neglect and inattention are the same. I was advised by two academics these are different but I am not sure if I should take their word for it as I can not find any... more


Does “thinking” not include all mental activity?

Is this accurate?Mental speech and using your imagination to picture things are included in mental activity. When someone tells you “Think about it.”, you don’t have to use mental speech to do it.... more


How are the Tegmentum and the Dorsal Medulla the same thing if they're located in different sections of the brain?

I am trying to learn about the brain, I can't currently afford college so I'm teaching myself to the best of my ability and I'm confused about something. So- The Medulla Oblongata is made up of the... more


I got reminded of something from Years ago. Why?

I was getting a shower and the water hit my head, but only in one spot so it wasn't totally soaked but it was wet enough for water to run down my face, when the water was running down my face I... more

Why do the two hemispheres of the brain control the opposite sides of the body?

Why does the left hemisphere control the right and the right hemisphere control the left? I googled it but didn't find a good answer regarding this. Could someone explain? Does this adaptation help... more


Can parts of a human brain be asleep independently of each other, or vary in the times required for them to fall asleep?

I know that some birds and marine animals can continue complicated activity (swimming, flying?) while one hemisphere of their brain is asleep.I'm interested if human brain has some parts of it that... more


How does de-myelination occur in multiple sclerosis?

From what I understand, only the oligodendrocytes are affected in multiple sclerosis, and they are attacked by T cells which cross the blood-brain barrier. This leads me to two questions:1. How is... more


Supercomputer Vs Human Brain?

With supercomputers doing calculation in petaflops ($10^{15}$ Calculations per Second), have we crossed the speed of Human Brain?


Why are males more likely than females to have autism spectrum disorder?

The male to female ratio in autism spectrum disorder is around 4:1. However it seems ASD is not a simple X-linked disorder. Then how is it possible males are more susceptible than females, if the... more


Why is dopamine or a dopamine-receptor agonist not pumped into the brain of Parkinson patients?

I am aware that dopamine cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, but can't it be pumped inside the cerebrospinal fluid via some permanent tube implant? Wouldn't Parkinson patients chose that over... more


Why do people like to listen to sad songs?

Why do people like to listen to sad songs? Sadness is not a positive feeling, so people should avoid it, right? Listening to sad songs is like inflicting some pain to yourself just for... more


How does toluene inhalation damage the brain?

We just had a discussion about toluene abuse. It is known, that people inhaling toluene for a long time have significant brain damage, including decreased intelligence.I found that toluene is a... more


Why does emotional pain sometimes feels like physical pain?

So here's a question from a newbie. I read somewhere that emotional pain can last as long as 20 minutes. Anything painful you feel beyond that is just a result of overthinking. Well whatever it... more

What's the mechanism for being mentally tired?

I notice that after long tests, or long periods of critical thinking, my body and mind feel noticeably tired. Why does this happen? Are the neurons in my head not firing as quickly, or is there... more

Influence of alcohol on brain cells?

As far as I know, drinking alcohol is killing cells in the brain. But is it linear? E.g. if I have 1.0 per mil and it kills 1000 cells will 2.0 per mil kill 2000 cells?

Are thoughts transferred along with a brain during a brain transplantation?

If I'm transplanted with, e.g., Stephen Hawking's brain, would I start to think like him, or would I remain to think like me? On which, "thinking" ability depends , is it the physical structure of... more


What lobe of the brain is impacted by the nail? What function of the brain may Mauro have damaged in this accident?

Football helmets cover the entire braincase and provide a lot of protection to the player's head. However, concussions are still very common in football. The brain is made of soft nervous tissue... more
Brain Memories


Are memories stored in the spinal lobe?

The spinal lobe is in the brain

Split brain patients question.

Dear readerLately I have been on the internet looking into split brain patients. Since it is really interesting how they do things differently and work around there problems. The left hemisphere... more


Dogs ability to communicate

"I would like to know if a puppy is born with the inherent knowledge to bark and even if isolated kept in isolation from other dogs would it still know to bark. Or is this something that is a... more


I havent slept in last 14-16hours and need to stay awake for next 15-16 hours. What can i do to feel awake and energized?

I havent slept in last 14-16hours and need to stay awake for next 15-16 hours. What can i do to feel awake and energized


Our left and right brain hemispheres share information via the

-hippopotamus -corpus callosum -meninges -limbic system


where is the hippocampus located in the human brain


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