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Maximizing income

Can the bakery produce 20 regular biscuits and 80 jumbo biscuits? If not explain which limitations are violates


Find Correct standard deviation

For 100 chemistry tests, the mean score was 40 and the standard deviation was 10 However two tests were wrongly scored as 30 and 70 in place of 3 and 27 respectively. Find the correct standard... more


Complete Factorisation

Factorise Completly ax2y-4ay3

solving system of linear equations

Solve the system of linear equations:1/4 x+1/4 y=11/7 x−1/5 y=1x=y= 

Need Help Sketching a Sinusoidal Function

Sketch a graph of a sine function whose amplitude is 2, period is 3π, midline is y=1 and y-intercept is (0, 1). The graph is not a reflection of the parent function over the x-axis. Graph at least... more

Finding a point on a parabola

I need to find the point (x,15) on the parabola with the equation h(x)=-8x^2+50x+26. How would I calculate that out.

can you solve this ?

Find the relationship between zeros and coefficients of the polynomial x2-3

Isosceles triangle 3D Vectors.

Question " The points A and B have position vectors 10i -23j +10k and pi +14j - 22k respectively, relative to a fixed origin O, where p is a constant.Given that ΔOAB is isosceles, find three... more

how do you do it

Susan deposited $4000 into an account with 5.5% interest, compounded semiannually. Assuming that no withdrawals are made, how much will she have in the account after 3 years?Do not round any... more

Algebra problem

Equation 1: 3x + y - 2z = -7Equation 2: -az = x + y + 6 use a=-31)A new set of three equations is formed using the original Equation 1 and Equation 2 and the third equation is formed by multiplying... more

Solving formulas for variable

Solve d = D(D-4F) (right side under square root) for F

Jina made $171 for 9 hours of work. At the same rate, how much would she make for 7 hours of work??

Solving a word problem on proportions using a unit rate

X+y+z=1 2x+4y+6z=2 -x+3y-5z=11

simultaneous equations

Equation 1: 3x + y - 2z = -7Equation 2: -az = x + y + 6To form the third equation use the digits 2,2,1,9 will be the coefficients of x,y,z, and the constant term in that order, given that the... more


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