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The point U (4,5) is translated 2 units right. what are the coordinates of the resulting point,U.

A Translation left or right will change the x- coordinates(x+4,y) moves the figure 4 units right(x,y-7) Moves the figure 7 units down(x-1,y+2) moves the figure 1 unit left and 2 units up

How do I find slope-intercept form of a line passing through the point (1,3) with slope m = -2 and graph it?

A detailed video solution to the listed problem.
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How to calculate compound interest n times and continuously.

a total of $12,000 is invested at an annual rate of 9%. Find the balance after 5 years if it is compoundeda. quarterly b. continuously
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How do I simplify a complex fraction.

Simplify (x^2 + 2x - 3)/(x-3)/(4x +12)


Find the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line that has the given slope m and passes through the given point. m = 8, (0, −4)

This is a solution to a slope-intercept word problem that can look scary at first.
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nth term algebra

Use a system of two equations in two variables, a, and d, to write a formula for the general term (the nth term) of the arithmetic sequence whose seventh term, a7, is 12 and whose ninth term, a9,... more
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I have been stuck for hours. Please someone help me as soon as possible please thank you

1.) Jeffery Wel received a 7-year non-subsidized student loan of $31,000 at an annual interest rate of 5.5%. What are Jeffery's monthly loan payments for this loan after he graduates in 4 years?... more


probability question

what is rhe proboikoty of drawing two blue marbles if the first marble is placed back in the baag before the second draw


Pre algebra help

Y is inversely proportional to the square of x. If y=5 when x=3, then what is y when x is 8


i need help on this question i am stuck

The concentration CC (in percent) of a drug in a patient's bloodstream tt hours after injection is given by C=35⋅(t/60+t^2)a. What is the concentration of the drug after 2.5 hours? (round answer to... more


Trigonometric Identities

If sin(theta) = 0.3 and 0 < theta < pi / 2 ( first quadrant ). Find each of the following : A) sin (2theta)B) sin (4theta)C) cos (4theta)D) sin (theta/2)E) cos (theta/2)... more


question algebra

what is the y-intercept? please show the steps
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Need help, what are the right answers?

Under which conditions can the zero product property be used to solve a polynomial equation? Choose all that apply: The polynomial is factored completely The highest exponent in the equation is... more


Find the Range of this function

I also was having trouble finding the range of this equation too.Find the rangeProblem: x2- 4 / x2+ 5x + 6I did the inverse switching the x and y and got R: (-inf, 1)U(1, inf)My work: x = y2- 4 /... more


Finding the Range

I was having trouble finding the range of the equation and was wondering if this was correct.Find the rangeProblem: x2- 4 / x+2I did the inverse switching the x and y and got R: (-inf, -2)U(-2,... more


Consider the name as MARIAHOSSAIN and Roll number as 21101164

1.Find the total number of arrangements from the letters of your name taken all at a time without changing the the positions of vowels and consonants.2.find the total number of three digit numbers... more


What is the value expression of -16+12



Can you help me with this question

The perimeter of a rectangular painting is 308 cm . If the length of the painting is 86 cm what is its width?
Prealgebra Math


Write the following number in scientific Notation


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