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What is the Establishment time for a person to form a habit?

What is the Establishment time for a person to form a habit for adults & what type of habit can be formed?
Cognitive Psychology Psychology


What are some of the criticisms of cognitive psychology?

Cognitive Psychology Psychology


Types of thinking?

In general psychology, there are 3 types of thinking according to the way solving a problem: practical thinking, specifically visual thinking and theoretical thinking. Can you explain and give me... more
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Do the results of psychological studies change our behaviour?

This is a question that has been bugging me for a very long time. Let me illustrate with a silly example. Suppose that a study finds out that the majority of the population associate the number 1... more
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Is there any research about effect of unfamiliar environment on stress?

It seems intuitive to me that there is some kind of stress when one is put in an unfamiliar place (There's probably effect on cognitive abilities too). However, I can't find any paper in psychology... more


Can people act randomly?

Let's imagine an experiment. We will tell N normal people that they need to act randomly in the Rock–paper–scissors game (in this game Game Optimal Strategy is to choose an action with uniform... more
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Are psychologists more immune to psychological problems?

Does knowledge of a psychological problem prevent (or enable one to better defend) the development of psychological issues? For example, if a person has studied about depression and is familiar... more
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What is the mental state called when I forget my thoughts?

Suppose I am talking to someone and while talking more thoughts come to my mind that I wish to talk about. I postpone those thoughts, however, to tell everything synchronously, i.e., I wish to tell... more
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What's the psychological issue name of fear of people?

With the issue of being afraid of doing anything before people, one has to work hard on self control to prevent the body shaking on every tiny action, like hold a pen, drink water, etc, and when... more
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Why do we say, "Oh!" when we are surprised?

I have noticed that I and many of my peers tend to say "Oh!" whenever we are surprised or think of an answer to a question. This "Oh!" is not only prevalent in English, but also in Korean and... more
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Possible applications of the big five personality traits testing in human resource departments?

I am a multimedia artist who is interning in a human resources department of a casino resort. In the department we have daily meetings to discuss updates to both the orientation and the performance... more
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Why do some people refuse to wear their seat belt while being aware of the risks?

I have multiple friends that simply refuse to wear their seat belt whenever they ride in a car. I make them wear it when in my car, but in any other situation they choose to go without it. They are... more
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What are the neurobiological factors related to depression?

While it is agreed that neurotransmitters aren't the primary "cause" of depression, what other factors are a part of this mental illness that focus on the neurobiological aspects of it?


Are there any career(s)/career fields that are advantageous for people with Asperger's in "theory"?

In addition to the following question or if the question is not sufficient enough for this site, what is the psychology/cognitive validity of this post replie for this question from another site? ... more
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What is the name of the bias that associate a thing as good because it has a relation to another good thing?

A customer buys X from "brand A" and has positive experience with it. "Brand A" also sells Y. Now the customer things it is good to buy Y because of his/her positive experience with buying X from... more

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