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Beginning with drawing?

I want to begin with drawing but I have literally no experience. I wonder if there are high quality video tutorials, like www.digitaltutors.com just for drawing?I want to start with hard surface... more

What do I need to start creating professional drawings?

What tools or software or devices are neccessary to create proffesional drawings for games for example? How to draw something and be able to use it on PC?
Drawing Tool Selection


Is there a standard angle to use for drawing and drafting tables?

I just moved into a new place, and plan on creating a desk that can be used as a computer desk, quilting desk, and drawing/drafting table. While often it will be a flat surface parallel with the... more


Advice on drawing 3/4 view perspective of a vehicle?

(Reposted here under the advice of @Philipp)What is a good method to make a 3/4 view car, truck or other vehicle going around a corner?" As stated above I have a firm grasp on how to do N/S E/W... more
Drawing Tool Selection


How does shading & blending with Carbon pencils differ from Graphite pencils?

From what I've read, carbon pencils give a more *matte-like texture* than graphite, and are a *drier media - similar to charcoal*. Graphite can become reflective when photographed and scanned so... more


How can I protect my pencil & charcoal drawings once complete?

I have now built up a small portfolio of pencil/charcoal drawings. Most of the time they are kept in my folders, but sometimes they are viewed by friends and relatives. And on the odd occasion... more
Drawing Shapes


How to draw a radially symmetric 5-pointed star?

I'm looking for a 5-pointed star that I can rotate as part of a user interface. Therefore, the center of the star should not move – otherwise, it looks strange.However, no matter where I get a 5... more
Drawing Technique


What is the biomechanical motion to draw a straight vertical line?

To draw a straight horizontal line I basically pin my elbow and then move across the page from left to right. Easy. I can hit my marks consistently and everything is good.Vertical lines however I... more


How can I clean a tortillon/blending stump and still keep its point intact?

What is the "correct", or **most effective way of cleaning a paper tortillon?**Up the now, I have been using sand paper to clean the tip, however this often makes the tortillon rugged and lose its... more
Drawing Scanning


Budget workflows for transforming pencil design into professional looking digital image?

My family does light artistic stuff for fun - almost exclusively drawn with mechanical pencil. This isn't fine art - no vine charcoal sketches of bowls of fruit, it is just for fun. We would like... more


How can I prevent my drawings and paper from yellowing over time?

Some paper just yellows over time, especially if left out somewhere where it sees sunlight.Acid-free paper is a partial solution, but not terribly budget-friendly.Is there something else I can do... more


How can I make a sketch under a watercolour painting and have it not be seen?

I usually use a regular pencil to sketch what I would like to paint very faintly, but I find that no matter how light it is, it can still be seen under the painting. Once the paint is dry, I can't... more
Drawing Paper


What's the difference between drawing paper and regular paper?

Supply stores sell drawing paper, sketching paper, and all sorts of bound pads and books of the same.What makes this paper different than regular notebook or printer paper? How is it better suited... more


Which kind of paper should be selected for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors?

Type of paper may have an effect on the medium of drawing used.Which kind of paper should be preferred for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors, respectively? Also, please mention the standard... more


How to draw a head from all angles from imagination?

I've been drawing portraits for some time, both realistic and stylized. I can draw from imagination for profile, 3/4 and face-forward views. But I want to be able to draw from imagination all... more
Drawing Pencils


So what exactly is the difference between a carbon pencil and a graphite pencil?

What is the exact difference between a carbon pencil and a regular graphite pencil? I tried looking it up but nothing really told me.
Drawing Tool Selection


How to color with an even darkness?

I want to draw a certain design from a stencil and fill it in evenly in black, but using any drawing utensil I know of, like markers, sharpies, colored pencils, paints, etc., I will inevitably be... more


Designing images with dimensioning?

Are there any graphics programs that work like AutoCad or Inventor where you can draw objects and give them precise dimensions? Even better, something parametric like Inventor. I don't like lining... more
Drawing Perspective


Relation between picture plane and observer in perspective?

I have some notions of geometry and I am currently trying get a full grasp of some features of perspective. I am having a hard time understanding the relation between the observer and picture plane... more
Drawing Illustration


Calculating correct line length in perspective drawing?

I have no formal technical drawing background, and I was just wondering if there was a mathematical way of determining the correct length of lines in 3D perspective, e.g., if I want to draw a cube... more


drawing & sketching

how to draw and sketch from live objects and landscapes in pencil and or pen?


How to draw mandala when I intend to color it with pencil colors?

Mandala drawings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MandalaColor pencils are not strong enough to hide the normal pencil. Example: Orange color pencil will not hide the underlying HB graphite pencil... more


Colored Pencil Art?

For colored pencil art is it better to ink over your intitial pencil outline or just start coloring over your initial pencil outline. And if I just color over the initial pencil outline how can i... more


Shading dark scenes?

I frequently find myself sketching scenes that have dark lighting, but I'm never quite sure how to go about shading the subjects of the drawing when it's supposed to look dark, especially things... more
Drawing Background


Drawing trees from above?

I'm working on an animation background which involves a high angle shot of a forest. I searched on internet to hunt some references for the trees and other foliage from such an angle. I could only... more

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