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Adobe Photoshop


I am trying to send a request to Wes C in Chicago for tutering

I am trying to send a request to Wes C in Chicago for photoshop help- but your site will not let me send the request _ required me to log into another. browser - I did and nothing from WYzant or... more
Adobe Photoshop


How can I create my very own brushes in Photoshop?

It's far more fun and simple than you might think at first. I can show you how to create a brush that mimics real paint, or even a brush that creates a variety of colors and textures to quickly... more
Adobe Photoshop Art Drawing Graphic Design


Is Digital painting better than Traditional painting?

this is a difficult yet common question and usually is in regards to working professionally in this day and age.
Adobe Photoshop Art Drawing


How long does it take to learn how to draw?

This questions assumes a basic level of general proficiency, such as being able to reliably and consistently draw something recognizable without text or verbal assistance to describe it.
Adobe Photoshop Art


Do I need to know Photoshop?

Is it a required program in the industry? how much of it should I know? what are the most important tools?
Adobe Photoshop


Messaging tutors

I am messaging tutors about PS training but nothing is going through to them? Please help
Adobe Photoshop


I can't see my recording

I can't see my recording
Adobe Photoshop


Photoshop - Selected area control question

Photoshop - How do I make an area I selected lighter or darker in just that area without affecting the rest of the image? I'm working with Triptychs and just want to lighten the images and not the... more
Adobe Photoshop


How can you use Photoshop's Content Aware feature?

There are a number of places where PS has a Content Aware option. Knowing how to find and use this feature is critical for photo retouching.
Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop

Would like to know if someone pulls show me how to properly design a shirt and buttons. I’m putting together a project for my daughters graduation.
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom


Why does Lightroom keep losing my images?

If you have ever been frustrated opening up Lightroom and finding Question marks next to your folders or an exclamation point in your thumbnails with the message Folder or Image missing there is... more
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom


Do I still need Photoshop if I have Lightroom?

Well, the short answer is Yes, but the longer answer is "It Depends". The recent updates to Lightroom have made it much more powerful for editing your images Photoshop is still needed for those... more
Adobe Photoshop Art


What other options are there for digital art besides Photoshop?

I want to edit photos and make digital art but I can't afford Photoshop! What other options are there?
Adobe Photoshop


i Can i speak to a person

Adobe Photoshop


Adding dodge and burn

How would you add dodge and/or burn to a layer without destroying it?

How do I design my own book cover?

Some of my friends say i need to learn Photoshop, others say I have to learn illustrator, and then there is InDesign for publishing books, right? So how does someone know which to learn and how to... more


What is the right software to use for my project?

I have a vision for a project, but what are the right tools for the job? There are so many creative programs out there, which is the right one for me to use?For example, I'm heading up a marketing... more
Adobe Photoshop Art Drawing Painting


I need a drawing based on the links below!!! anthing helps

Laila and Mariam teach Aziza, who devote their knowledge for her education. Mariam teaches the Koran and Laila finally teaches at her school as a volunteer. The book ends with optimism for women's... more
Adobe Photoshop Art Drawing Painting


I want a drawing based on the description please help!

Laila and Mariam teach Aziza, who devote their knowledge for her education. Mariam teaches the Koran and Laila finally teaches at her school as a volunteer. The book ends with optimism for women's... more
Adobe Photoshop


Theory of Structures

Determine the support reactions of beam shown in figure using stiffness method of analysis. Assume A and D are pin supports and B and C are rollers. EI is constant.
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator


What is the difference between a vector and a raster picture?


Using PhotoScape X, how to erase only one color from an image

I have a png image file with different colors throughout. I want to erase everywhere there is one chosen color (for example, white) so that color is replaced by transparency. I have the image... more
Adobe Photoshop


What is non-destructive editing in Photoshop and why is it so important?

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Vector Layers


Photoshop layers into SVG paths?

I have a set of Photoshop files which consist of a base image with a series of layers with colored overlays. The overlays are labeled using the layer names.My task is to get these overlays as `SVG`... more
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Vector Pdf


Photoshop vector smart object opening in Preview instead of Illustrator?

In Photoshop CC (version 19) on the Mac, I have a smart object vector graphic layer. Double-clicking the layer to edit the vector graphic, opens it in Preview (Mac) because, presumably, it thinks... more

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