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How do I create a table in Illustrator?

Replacing a font in many illustrator files?

I have several hundred Illustrator files that are formatted similarly, and for legal reasons I need to replace a font in all of them. Even with the 'Find font' tool, that's a hell of a lot of fonts... more

Multiple objects spaced evenly around a circle?

I have a project where I am taking 6 different images and placing them on a circle. All of the images have duplicates (anywhere between 3 of the same image to 24). In total, I need the circle to... more

One of my Ai CS6 file suddenly won't open anymore?

So I have about 20-30 illustrator files in a folder (mainly mock-ups for a website), all in .ai format, working on CS6.This morning I tried opening the last one I was working on but it display the... more

Moving both handles of a bezier curve simultaneously in Adobe Illustrator?

I would like to be able to move the two handles for the bezier curve with the direct select tool the same way they are moved on initial creation of the anchor point. When a new anchor is created,... more

Opening PDF in Illustrator breaks up text objects?

I recently had to convert some `PDF` files to `SVG`, and did this by opening the PDF in **Illustrator**, and saving out to SVG. The issue was that when Illustrator opened the pdf, many (but not... more

Photoshop layers into SVG paths?

I have a set of Photoshop files which consist of a base image with a series of layers with colored overlays. The overlays are labeled using the layer names.My task is to get these overlays as `SVG`... more

Photoshop vector smart object opening in Preview instead of Illustrator?

In Photoshop CC (version 19) on the Mac, I have a smart object vector graphic layer. Double-clicking the layer to edit the vector graphic, opens it in Preview (Mac) because, presumably, it thinks... more

Scale drawings in Illustrator, maintain proportions of line weights and effects?

My problem is that when I scale down my drawing, the line weights stay the same, blotting out the artwork. If I scale up, the line weights become too thin. I've noticed that parametric effects... more

Modifier key bug with Adobe Design Standard CS4 (Mac OS 10.6.6)?

When I launch the Adobe apps, they ask me if I want to delete the preferences file. I say 'no'. Then, when using the apps, none of the tools seem to work properly, eg in Illustrator, I can't move... more

How can I export an image from Illustrator image at multiple sizes?

I am new to Adobe Illustrator and I have a logo image which I need to use in 5 or 6 different sizes. The logo image was created in Adobe Illustrator, but when I try to save the image to PNG or JPEG... more

In Pathfinder window, what is the difference between a shape mode and a pathfinder?

I'm learning Illustrator CC and right now I'm trying out the various tools in the Pathfinder window, and how they allow me to create shapes. Something that confuses me, is that they seem to be... more

How to fit text box size to text?

I want to fit the artboard to selected art (two text boxes) - the text boxes are larger than the text inside them - how do I fit (shrink) them to wrap tightly around my text?Illustrator version - CS5

How to add missing fonts to Adobe Illustrator?

When opening an Adobe Acrobat PDF document on Mac OS X Lion to edit in Adobe Illustrator CS6, I got the message:> The font Helvetica-Narrow-Bold is missing. Affected text will be displayed... more

Efficient workflows for handing off designs to developers?

I work as a UX/UI designer for my company's web sites. After I make the designs, I send the mockups to web developers, who implement them. It's a little more collaborative than that, but that's... more

Convert a line drawing from raster to vector?

I have a raster image, basically a scanned drawing of the outlines (and some detail) of various objects, and I wish to convert these lines to vectors, using either Illustrator or Inkscape.My... more

How to Increase the quality of the Images on Illustrator?

I work with Adobe Illustrator creative suite 3.I want to know how can one really Increase the quality of the Image's / graphics?because the thing Is,whenever I view the Image or the graphic In... more

How to go to layer of currently selected object in Illustrator?

Say there are hundreds of unnamed layers in an Illustrator artboard. How do you just click one of those objects and reveal what layer it is on? And change to that layer?

Add a hyperlink within Illustrator?

Is it possible to add a hyperlink to an object or a layer within Illustrator CS6 for a later SVG export?I know about the possibility to manually edit the exported file and wrap elements with an... more

What CMYK values should I use for rich black, and how should I handle tints/shades?

I'm working on a full color piece in Illustrator which has a few large black and grey areas.I'd like the black to be a rich black. I was thinking c30 m30 y30 k100. What is the best ways to match my... more

How to change artboard size in AI CS6?

Sorry can't find this simple feature. I was asked for document size at creation time but don't know how to change this later.

How to go to layer of currently selected object in Illustrator?

Say there are hundreds of unnamed layers in an Illustrator artboard. How do you just click one of those objects and reveal what layer it is on? And change to that layer?

How to subtract text from a shape in Adobe Illustrator?

I've created a rectangle, and I want to cut some text out of it, so that the text will appear as the background pattern. I expected to be able to achieve this by selecting the rectangle and the... more
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