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How can I get the closest color word for a hex color?

Say I have a color like #7B0D40. Are there any tools out there to output the nearest human-understandable word for that color? (Like #7B0D40 ~= Magenta?) I know there's ways to search the words... more


How do I change the colour of a shape in Photoshop after I've drawn it?

For some reason it seems impossible to change the colour of a rectangle I've drawn in Photoshop after I've drawn it. I can change the colour of a new one that I want to draw but once it's drawn... more


Why is black not a natural color?

I've had at least two art teachers tell me that black does not naturally occur in nature, so using pure black makes your designs look synthetic. I do not understand this. Aren't the following black... more


What is the difference between CMYK and RGB? Are there other color spaces I should know?

I'm a photographer, who dabbles in graphic design from time to time as well. What are the differences between the various color spaces?


What CMYK values should I use for rich black, and how should I handle tints/shades?

I'm working on a full color piece in Illustrator which has a few large black and grey areas.I'd like the black to be a rich black. I was thinking c30 m30 y30 k100. What is the best ways to match my... more


Are "web-safe" colors still important?

Years ago, it was always strongly recommended that web designers should only use web-safe colors. Have studies been done to see if this is still the case? If so, what's the answer?Does anyone know... more


What CMYK values should I use for rich black, and how should I handle tints/shades?

I'm working on a full color piece in Illustrator which has a few large black and grey areas.I'd like the black to be a rich black. I was thinking c30 m30 y30 k100. What is the best ways to match my... more


What is the function of the tint slider in Lightroom?

In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (c) there's a Temp slider **which controls the color temperature of the photo**. To the left it creates a blue, cold looking image. To the right, an orange, warm image.... more


How do I make screenshots look good when printed in CMYK?

When printing screenshots alongside black text, black areas of the screenshot look a <del>washed out</del> *"muddy dark grey"* and *"washed out"*. What causes this and can I improve the... more


What are the colors of the rainbow?


Psychologically: Which color for which lesson?

Imagine I have an educational website which hosts high school students and presents lessons like chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc. Now I want to give each one of my lessons a unique color. I... more


What does it mean when printers have told me my colour is not a Pantone colour, but in my file it is?

I've recently designed a cosmetic label for a client and I've given them the final file to have it printed at their designated printer companies.But a few have them have come back and said that... more


Is there a way to add all colors used into the swatches panel?

Sometimes, when inspiration hits me, I start designing a document using multiple colors. Or I use the Blend tool to create a smooth set of colors for me to work with.But it always happens that... more


Colored Pencil Art?

For colored pencil art is it better to ink over your intitial pencil outline or just start coloring over your initial pencil outline. And if I just color over the initial pencil outline how can i... more


How to create a two-color, dashed line in Inkscape?

How can I draw a two-color, dashed line in Inkscape?The only possibility I see is to draw a colored/transparent line.


How do you extract a color from a gradient in Illustrator?

I want to grab one of the colors from a gradient, and turn it into a solid color swatch._________________UpdateJust to be precise, I want to get the color of one of the 'nodes' in the gradient. So... more


What kind of black should I use when designing for CMYK print?

My question is what kind of black should I use when printing. At the moment I use this black (split into CMYK): C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%It looks fine in InDesign or Illustrator but if I save a PDF... more


Light fastness in NuPastel?

I am new to pastel drawing. I have a few Nupastels that I purchased a few years ago. I am interested in purchasing more of these, but I read a few posts on the web that Nupastels are not... more


Who first discovered CMYK?

It has been used for colour printing for many, many years, but who (and when) first discovered that a bright pink colour (magenta), a light blue (cyan), yellow and black can be mixed to create... more


What are requirements for ballpoint/rollerball colour pens for art-grade drawing?

Some days ago I saw incredible coloured pen-drawings in some exhibition. I would like to try this medium myself. But before buying some pens I would like to get some requirements for... more


How to change color of an image in Illustrator?

When I open an image in Photoshop, I can easily change the color by double clicking on the layer and adding color overlay.How can I do the same in Illustrator? It doesn't need to be with Color... more


How do I select all pixels that match an exact color value in Adobe Photoshop?

Is there any way to select _all_ pixels on the current layer that match a specific color value ***exactly***? My first instinct is `Select > Color Range...`, but I cannot determine how to input... more


Does black and white photography still make sense?

I think at first it was because of a limitation of the cameras present at the time, but with the color cameras that we have available now, what do you think of black and white photos?In other... more


Answer Questions & Explain Please

Ms. Johnson's grandpa used to entertain her and her brothers by throwing "fireplace crystals" into the fireplace. These crystals used to make the fire produce colors of red, green, and... more

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