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Elementary (k 6th) Elementary Education


What's a good website to help my elementary student learn without realizing it?

Is there a website that my elementary student can play engaging games to keep their mind active while still working on their academics and encouraging them to grow important skills they need to... more
Elementary (k 6th)


Looking for a specific tutor

Hi, I am looking for Katherine A. She is a Pre-K- 2nd Grade tutor. I can't find her in your list. Yesterday, she was in your list
Elementary (k 6th) Public Speaking


How can Public Speaking be so important to my elementary aged child?

Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math


You may ask "Why Do My Child Struggle With Word Problems?"

Word problems are hard for some. Students are often stumped with figuring out how to correctly solve a word problem. Below are 3 main reasons I have found to be reasons a student struggles with... more
Elementary (k 6th) Reading


How many syllables are in these words?

Example: Di/ane (2) January many Independence Technology Community
Elementary (k 6th) Math


There were 3 pizzas in total at the pizza shop. A customer bought 1 pizza. How many pizzas are left?

Subtraction Word ProblemLevel: 1st grade, 2nd grade
Elementary (k 6th) Vocabulary Reading


What are some common reading comprehension issues?

Examples of skills that help students to become successful in reading How to pronounce "Reading Comprehension" (read·ing com·pre·hen·sion) Definitions Reading comprehension is the ability to... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math


middle school math

Nicholas scoops a few gumballs into his bag. When he weighs it, he finds that he scooped 0.76 pounds. About how much will the gumballs cost?
Elementary (k 6th) Elementary Math


Does your child have difficulty solving word problems? Check out the word problem below,

Solving real-world math problems requires patients and understanding. In order to familiarize students with these kinds of problems, teachers include word problems in their math curriculum.... more
Elementary (k 6th)


The or an to be used

The elephant is a mammal An elephant is a mammal Which is the correct statement on above?
Elementary (k 6th) Math


which number is greater -6 or -9

Elementary (k 6th)


How many years are in y years and m months?

Elementary (k 6th) English Elementary Education


write express being or express action

write express being or express action1. the baby seems fearful. 2. he seems to be good looking for his dad3. mama felt my pulse4. she felt sad5. the orphans appeared happy 6. they appeared with for... more
Elementary (k 6th)


When are payments made for tutoring classes

Hello, When are payments made for tutoring classes ? Is it monthly ? Bi weekly? Do I have the options to select specific date?
Elementary (k 6th)


Azy put a 10 g weight on a pan balance How many 1 g weight does he need to balance the scale

Elementary (k 6th)


can you help me with a ratio question

Elementary (k 6th)


Clifton is 3 feet tall.his friend Jayden is 5 times as tall as Clifton.how tall is Jayden?

Elementary (k 6th)


Clifton is 3 feet tall.his friend Jayden is 5 times as tall as Clifton.how tall is Jayden?

Elementary (k 6th)


How do you divide fractions?

Elementary (k 6th) Math


Please Help me!!!

A machine at a lumberyard cuts long boards into shorter boards of a certain length. The boards that are fed into the machine come in lengths of 48 feet and 36 feet. What is the longest length of... more
Elementary (k 6th)


Call for more info

What is the best way I can call you and ask a few more details?
Elementary (k 6th)


Why was my request to One specific online tutor posted as a general request seeking all tutors

Hello, I’m getting several messages from potential tutors across the country saying they’re interested in helping me with my child but I never actually submitted a request to be posted on my... more

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