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Elementary (k 6th)


What is the length of P,Q on a tringal

I need to find the length of P,Q on a tringal

Who needs help with their reading skills?

I am willing to help online or in person
Elementary (k 6th) English Elementary Education


What is the first thing to do when a person cannot read a word?

The answer to this question helps not only pronounce a word correctly, but aids in spelling, helps determine which part-of-speech that specific word is, and assists in figuring the meaning of the... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math English


Please answer quickly

In my bag 1/3 of the quarters is the same as 2/5 of the dimes. I have 8 more quarters than dimes. How many coins do i have
Elementary (k 6th) Elementary Education


What is your preferred method of teaching?

Elementary (k 6th) Algebra 1 Geometry


Will Your At Home Teacher Be Regularly C-19 Tested?

I am looking to work with as few students as possible, preferably a small pod of students and parents for summer and the fall semester.I have great health insurance and will get tested weekly.I... more
Elementary (k 6th) Study Skills College Algebra


What does a good study schedule look like?

What should my study schedule look like for the upcoming semester?
Elementary (k 6th)


What is the best way for the elementary student to stay on top of math during the summer?

How can parents keep their students from 'backsliding' during summer months?
Elementary (k 6th) Vocabulary


What is the best way for students to develop vocabulary?

What can students do to improve vocabulary?
Elementary (k 6th) French Art History


Where are the jobs?

I am writing because for the last week or so my jobs dashboard has come up empty. What should I do to have more jobs appear? Thanks!
Elementary (k 6th) Homeschool Reading


What are the best at home programs for junior readers?

Elementary (k 6th)


Can skills improvement occur with 1-2 times practice weekly?

Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Education


Math Word Problem

For the school fair, 3 English teachers, 6 math teachers, 5 science teachers, and 4 social studies teachers volunteered for the dunking booth. A teacher from each subject will be choosing at... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Sat Math


Math Question - Please help, if possible

A spinner is divided into eight equal- sized sections. Each section is labeled with a number. (Below is the spinner, I tried my best) 3 2 1 11 4 3 1Jake spins the arrow... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Education


Math Question- Probability

If a coin is tossed and a die is rolled at the same time, how many outcomes are possible?
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Education


Probability- Height question

Use your answers to find the height of the suspect. Find the sample space (Number of possible outcomes or combinations) for each of the given situations. Be sure to show your work! ( answer #1... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Education


Probability- Math question

Bradley spun the spinner 48 times and recorded his results in the table. What is the experimental probability of spinning red? be sure to simply the fraction. TABLE. Color | ... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math


An art teacher makes a batch of purple paint by mixing seven eighths cup red paint with seven eighths cup blue paint. If she mixes 25 ​batches, how many cups of purple paint will she​ have?

Help! It can be written as a mixed number a whole number, or a fraction
Elementary (k 6th)


How many different piles?

From an idea I saw on twitter. How many different ways can you use 15 objects, separated into 4 four piles with none of the piles having the same number?
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Education


Probability - Hobby

Jake is trying to get dressed. He has 8 shirts; short sleeve, long sleeve, polkadots, striped, plaid, red, blue, and yellow, 4 pairs of pants; Jeans, khakis, gym, sweatpants, and 2 different... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Education


Probability- Weight question

You can find the suspects weight by correctly predicting the number of people who will drink coffee. The hotel manager felt bad for keeping everyone awake so he decided to offer everyone a... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math


Probability- Math problem

The letters for each of the following words are placed in two separate bags. The letter with the highest probability of being chosen out of its bag is the first letter of the suspects name.... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math


Find the asnwer

What is the tens digit in 67?a) 10b) 7c) 6d) 60
Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Education


Fractions on Number Lines

Which fraction is furthest to the right on the number line?a) 0b) 1/2c) 1/3d) 1/4
1 3 4

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