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Elementary (k 6th) Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2



The ratio of the number of cats to dogs is 3:5. How many dogs would there be if there were 12 cats? what am I doing wrong I did 3+5=8 12/8=1.51.5x5+ 7.5 but that's wrong did i miss a step ?
Elementary (k 6th) English Reading Literature


do not understand these questions? HELP ME PLEASE

Read the following and answer the questions that follow.                  “Wanting to Move” by Vijaya Mukhopadhyay“Continually, a bell rings in my heart.I was supposed to go somewhere, to some... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Chemistry Biochemistry


I need HELP ASAP ! I need to turn this in ASAP!

Jill makes $6 an hour babysitting a. if p represent jill total pay and H represents the hours jill spends babysitting , identify which variable is the dependent and independent variable in this... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math


Won 32 Lost 8 How many games did they play in all

Elementary (k 6th) Grammar Reading Social Studies


Need help with learning English as a second language?

I can help your student ages two to adult. I am currently working with families and students in China teaching basic English up to learning to have the correct pronunciation of letters to writing... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math Mathematics Act


2 question for math

Question 1: Substitute the value into the variable. State whether the number sentence is true or false. If false, find a value that would result in a true number sentencex + 15 <22 if x=9 4y =12... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math 6th Grade Mathematics


6th grade math help

Substitute the value into the variable, and state (in a complete sentence) whether the resulting number sentence is true or false. If true, find a value that would result in a false number... more


Elementary education tutor!

Hi, I am a elementary education and special education teacher. I can help you in any subject. I have two years of teaching experience. Contact me to set up a session!
Elementary (k 6th) Math


Factor 9s+12. Write your answer as a product with a whole number greater than 1

Elementary (k 6th)


Factor 6t+9. Write your answer as a product with a whole number greater than 1.

Elementary (k 6th) Math Elementary Math Maths


An ant crawls 10 cm in 4 seconds. How far can the ant crawl in 5 seconds?

Elementary (k 6th)


Ella colored 3/20 of a rectangle green and another 2/5 of it red. She divided the rest of the rectangle into several small rectangles.

Ella colored 3/20 of a rectangle green and another 2/5 of it red. She divided the rest of the rectangle into several small rectangles. The area of each small rectangle was 1/40 of the area of the... more


I need help with this problem, please help me. (Finding the Area of a Polygon)

a tarp covers the grass on part of a baseball field during batting practice. The tarp is shaped like the trapezoid at the right. What is the area of the tarp?I do not know how to add image of the... more
Elementary (k 6th)


What happens if a lesson ends early?

How do I properly charge students if a lesson ends before the scheduled end time?
Elementary (k 6th)


What is the length of P,Q on a tringal

I need to find the length of P,Q on a tringal

Who needs help with their reading skills?

I am willing to help online or in person
Elementary (k 6th) English Elementary Education Phonics


What is the first thing to do when a person cannot read a word?

The answer to this question helps not only pronounce a word correctly, but aids in spelling, helps determine which part-of-speech that specific word is, and assists in figuring the meaning of the... more
Elementary (k 6th) Math English Test Preparation


Please answer quickly

In my bag 1/3 of the quarters is the same as 2/5 of the dimes. I have 8 more quarters than dimes. How many coins do i have
Elementary (k 6th) Elementary Education


What is your preferred method of teaching?

Elementary (k 6th) Algebra 1 Geometry


Will Your At Home Teacher Be Regularly C-19 Tested?

I am looking to work with as few students as possible, preferably a small pod of students and parents for summer and the fall semester.I have great health insurance and will get tested weekly.I... more
Elementary (k 6th) Study Skills College Algebra


What does a good study schedule look like?

What should my study schedule look like for the upcoming semester?
Elementary (k 6th)


What is the best way for the elementary student to stay on top of math during the summer?

How can parents keep their students from 'backsliding' during summer months?

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