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Any way to use an Android tablet as a cheap touch-screen (display + pointer-input-device) for Photoshop?

Is there a way (a hack; a commercial app; etc...) which enables me to use any of the available <300$ tablets as a pen-input device to my PC? And specifically in Photoshop?Wacom's offerings are... more
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How can I improve my drawing tablet skills?

I've tried using my fianceƩ's tablet a few times, but find it difficult looking at the screen instead of my hand as I'm working. Does anyone have any tips for becoming more comfortable so I can... more
Drawing Tablet Drawing


Is there a proper technique to overcome the "feedback mismatch" issue on a digital tablet that doesn't have a display?

I bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet as a way of easing myself into the world of digital illustration. I find the "feedback mismatch" issue (sorry, couldn't find the proper technical name for this) a bit... more
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Uploading Fast sketches to Internet with Wacom Drawing Board and Phone?

Suppose I have some phone and some Wacom drawing board (I have actually many Wacom boards so suppose any of them). I do not want to plug the Wacom board into my computer but to plug it to my phone... more
Drawing Tablet Drawing


Difference between "Bamboo Pen & Touch" and "Intuos4"?

I'we been trying to compare the two tablets mentioned in the title.So far, my results are: * Intuos4 is professional wheras Bamboo is for home use. * Intuos4 has 2048 levels of pressure while... more


Illustrator: is it possible to use brush pressure without a tablet?

Is it possible to use **brush pressure** in Adobe Illustrator using a mouse only, not any external devices like drawing tablets?I asked because I cant change the "pressure" in the brush tool settings. more
Drawing Tablet Drawing


Drawing directly with a tablet?

I am currently using a Wacom tablet to draw. The tablet is a bit small, so I feel that I don't have enough "control" with the stroke. Is it a good idea to draw directly using the tablet to the... more


Any way to improve drawing with a mouse in Illustrator?

I was wondering if there's any way to make drawing with a mouse in Illustrator be much smoother, have more control and as much as possible much closer than having a pen input/tablet pen. Any tips,... more
Drawing Tablet Drawing


Can you see while drawing on the drawing tablet?

I bought a drawing tablet. But when I draw on it, I can see the drawing I am making in an image editing software such as Microsoft Paint or on Microsoft Office products, but I cannot see anything... more

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