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Illustrator: Snap at some distance from existing objects?

I'm drawing a bus line map. On some streets several bus lines pass together, so parts of the lines should be parallel and on a uniform distance from each other.Ideally, I would like that when I... more
Drawing Drawing Tablet


Drawing directly with a tablet?

I am currently using a Wacom tablet to draw. The tablet is a bit small, so I feel that I don't have enough "control" with the stroke. Is it a good idea to draw directly using the tablet to the... more

How can I improve my lighting/shadow illustration skills?

I was curious to know if there are any resources, books, blogs that focus on perfecting object shadowing and lighting with Photoshop and/or Illustrator? I have and know how to do basic shadowing... more


Remove blue lines in Photoshop?

I have seen a lot of very different tutorials about how to remove blue lines from a scanned drawing. So I ask myself what is the best way in term of simplicity and quality to do this in Photoshop... more

Adobe: saving vector outline?

If a vector object (from *Ai*, for instance) is pasted into *Ps* as `Path` (especially on a white background), one get a really nice B/W technical drawing type image, which is even still vector in... more
Drawing Pencil Shading


Do I need to hold the pencil in different ways for different kinds of shading methods?

There are different types of shading techniques like criss cross, straight lines, circular shading, blending, scribbling, and dot shading (drawing dots close to each other).I draw and shade... more
Drawing Adobe Photoshop


Is there a way to wrap/offset while drawing to the other side of the image?

I'm wondering if there's a way to live wrap to the other side of the image while drawing, so if I draw over the left edge of the image it shows up on the right side, and if I draw over the bottom... more

Any way to improve drawing with a mouse in Illustrator?

I was wondering if there's any way to make drawing with a mouse in Illustrator be much smoother, have more control and as much as possible much closer than having a pen input/tablet pen. Any tips,... more


How to improve control of hand whilst drawing on tablet?

I got a tablet yesterday and had been drawing for almost 2 hours straight, drawing over the outline of already drawn figures in photoshop. I have always wanted to draw so when I saw a sale of a... more


Where to start?

I have a great desire to learn to draw, but I am not sure where to start. I mostly want to be able to draw whatever it is I imagine. What do you all think is the best way in which to learn how to... more
Drawing Autocad Oracle C#


C# Drawing Oracle Spatial Geometries?

I need to create a simple app which can display geometries from Oracle Spatial in C#. These geometries are exported from AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 to Oracle Spatial. I need to pan, zoom, manage layers... more


What skills are necessary and/or recommended to become a graphic designer?

I am planning to major in Graphic Design, but I am unsure if it is the right choice for me.I would like to know what skills I should know before starting to study it so I can get a head start.One... more


How to use the line tool to draw a continuous line with corners in Illustrator?

I'm trying to create a box with a lot of corners in it but it would be helpful if I could make the corners without having a break in the lines. Is there a way to draw lines continuously without... more

Better ways of vectorizing photos than Illustrator's Trace?

Are there any better ways of vectorizing photos than Illustrator's Trace? I don't have one of them Wacom boards so I can't really do this by hand.
Drawing Adobe Flash


How do I draw a square with rounded corners in Adobe Flash CS6?

I can't find any options for rounded corners in the draw palette in Flash CS6 and Google is not returning any answers. This seems like it should be so simply to do. I want to use the palette to... more
Drawing Art Digital Art


What's the perfect drawing device?

I need the perfect tablet for me. I would like for it to be a digital drawing tablet with a screen. Cheap, Medium sized, and portable. It doesn't matter if its a tablet or a computer or a device... more
Drawing Drawing Tablet


Can you see while drawing on the drawing tablet?

I bought a drawing tablet. But when I draw on it, I can see the drawing I am making in an image editing software such as Microsoft Paint or on Microsoft Office products, but I cannot see anything... more
Drawing Paint


App anime caracters?

I have a questionFor example i'm a begginer java programmer And i want to built an game in android How i can get a anime caracters thats drawing for just my special ,thats mean new anime caracters... more
Drawing Graphic Styles


Is there anywhere I can sell my sketchbook drawings?

I'm 17 and a graphic/sketchbook artist. I have a DeviantArt account but not many people tend to buy from me there. My primary focus in drawing is mostly cartoon, anime, and gaming characters. I... more


How to stop or reduce graphite from reflecting light?

Drawings drawn with graphite shine a lot under even a little light. The paper needs to be held at certain angle for proper viewing. Anyway to reduce or stop this?


Levels of hand drawing?

I'm in HR and was given the task to define levels for some design related skills. This is for use in performance evaluation sessions. One of the categories is "hand drawing", a basic skill any... more


How to study anatomy as an artist?

I am painfully aware that nearly all my paintings and drawings seriously lack in terms of proper anatomy. The figures ofen look unnatural, twisted, deformed etc. More advanced colleagues told me I... more
Drawing Advertising


Can you be a graphic design major but not have the ability to draw?

I have never really had the ability to draw, but I've also never taken a formal drawing class. I am interested in graphic design and doing advertisements. Do you need strong drawing skills to... more


How do I get a blur effect in pencil drawings?

When drawing pictures with a pencil, I often want to create a more or less solid darker colour in some region. It's easy to shade an area so that it appears a solid dark colour from a distance,... more
Drawing Ink


How do I keep my ink from smudging when I draw?

When I try to make sketches with a fountain pen on printer paper, it keeps smudging, so I have to restart. What do I do to prevent smudging?If this helps, I'm ambidextrous.

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