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Is there an easier way to learn how to draw the human body?

I have tried for a long time to understand how to draw the body, using boxes, different shapes etc, yet i still have no idea how to draw the body, im really struggling and would appreciate any... more

Is Digital painting better than Traditional painting?

this is a difficult yet common question and usually is in regards to working professionally in this day and age.


How long does it take to learn how to draw?

This questions assumes a basic level of general proficiency, such as being able to reliably and consistently draw something recognizable without text or verbal assistance to describe it.


Do I need to know Photoshop?

Is it a required program in the industry? how much of it should I know? what are the most important tools?


How can I get better at art/drawing?

Practice practice practice! This is most important but also very flexible! You can sketch anywhere and of anything. Just as long as you are doodling or sketching something either that interests... more


oil paintings from animal fat.

I just wondering if i clear enough animal fat can i use it in creating an oil paint? how long can this paint will last on canvas? will it stink over time. I cant find anything on the internet about... more


Is it harder to paint or to sculpt?


I know how to draw but never sculpted before.

chinese art history 1900 - present

explain how the following helped transform and/or  modernize China’s art in the early 20th century in a few sentences a. Art journals and manhua b. Dunhuang c. Japan d. Euro-American styles of... more

What do i have to learn for my entrance in university if i choose fine arts as my stream?

I am gonna graduate my high school so i wanna get into fine arts batch this year and i still don't know what to do. Help me if u read this question(●’◡’●)ノ


I need help with these questions

How did the ancient world conceive the figure of the poet? Why does poetry enjoy a personalized status when it was with painting and sculpture?


What is "DIY Plant Art"?

How can we bridge Nature and Art in the classroom? What can this do for children's neurological development? The key lies in our own hands, with the inclusion of a piece of our living planet. DIY =... more


I'm trying to sign up to be a tutor but i get redirected

I'm trying to sign up to tutor on your site for art and digital art. I'm a concept artist for games and a plein air painter. I keep getting redirected to the student dashboard whenever i click... more


What other options are there for digital art besides Photoshop?

I want to edit photos and make digital art but I can't afford Photoshop! What other options are there?


What are your philosophies for teaching?

I treat all of my students as if they are very capable of achieving great things, if they choose to apply themselves. Regardless of their age, I generally speak to all of my students in a similar... more


Vectorize a logo?

Hello! Make an idea come to life using Adobe Art illustrator. Here is where you’ll find the beat options for vector logos for a professional look! Just ask, I can help 👍


Is it too late to change my major after my junior year in college?

I'm a college student and just finished my junior year. I have a passion for animals so much, but I'm majoring in Drawing & Illustration and minoring in Psychology. I love art and understand... more

How would you incorporate Brutalist Architecture and city planning into a large plot of land that you recently inherited?

A new premium property law allows you to place your plot of land for development, adjacent to any major city in the United States.

I need a drawing based on the links below!!! anthing helps

Laila and Mariam teach Aziza, who devote their knowledge for her education. Mariam teaches the Koran and Laila finally teaches at her school as a volunteer. The book ends with optimism for women's... more

I want a drawing based on the description please help!

Laila and Mariam teach Aziza, who devote their knowledge for her education. Mariam teaches the Koran and Laila finally teaches at her school as a volunteer. The book ends with optimism for women's... more


I don't understand i need help ? can you explain what i'm suppose to do

At first, the clubs were frightening,swinging away from my hands in strange patterns—red—yellow—blue—chaotic, unpredictable,colliding like doomed galaxiesin midair.Best to jump back, to let go.I... more

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