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Looking for an app

I can’t draw very well, I like to make cartoony comics, and would like to post them, but I have a hard time drawing perfect circles and lines. So can anyone tell me of a few apps or computer... more


Why does Lung the Quick's tombstone read "No Unicorns in Heaven"?

I'm reading *Digger*, and there's a scene in chapter six where Mural is crying next to a tombstone that reads "No Unicorns in Heaven."What does the tombstone mean?


Why were these animals used to represent the different countries in Maus?

In Art Spiegelman's *Maus*, he represents different people from different countries as different animals. For instance, he represents the Jews as mice, the Germans as cats, the Polish as pigs, the... more


What is good drawing posture?

Lately I've been noticing that I tend to draw while hunched over, with my face as close as possible to the page. I've been wondering if it's better to sit up straight, although when I do that, I... more

Superman's speed?

I have a feat where he travels to Earth from the "end of the universe". I'm wanting to low-ball this to what we know. So what's the acceleration of Superman if he went from the observable universe... more

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