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Charcoal Art Drawing Pencil


What types of drawing do you teach? What tools and techniques?

Will I be able to use pastels, colored pencils, and other mediums?


How can I safely transport a charcoal drawing?

What is the best way of transporting a charcoal drawing over on a long ride?The drawing is fixed with a workable fixative but im still concerned about smudging. I was thinking about rolling the... more


Sharpener for Pastel and Charcoal Pencils?

I'm having a big issue sharpening pastel and charcoal pencils. I've tried using a traditional pencil sharpener on pastel pencils but the lead keeps breaking.I've also tried using a razorblade and... more


How can I protect my pencil & charcoal drawings once complete?

I have now built up a small portfolio of pencil/charcoal drawings. Most of the time they are kept in my folders, but sometimes they are viewed by friends and relatives. And on the odd occasion... more
Charcoal Drawing Paper Pencils


Which kind of paper should be selected for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors?

Type of paper may have an effect on the medium of drawing used.Which kind of paper should be preferred for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors, respectively? Also, please mention the standard... more
Charcoal Drawing Graphite


When to use a fixative in a drawing with charcoal and Pencil?

I am making a charcoal and pencil drawing. What would be the difference between spraying the paper with workable fixative after applying the charcoal, and laying the pencil over that, or spraying... more
Charcoal Drawing Pencils


How do hard, soft, and medium charcoal pencils compare against their counterparts in graphite?

***Example:*** For shading, I have ***soft*** charcoal pencil, and ***8B*** graphite pencil. The charcoal pencil I have does not have a specific label except the word "soft" written on it.Both of... more


Is it possible to combine charcoal and graphite in one image?

Im drawing an image with quite a large range of tones and I plan to draw the darker tones in charcoal. However I used a graphite pencil for the preparatory drawing. Is it still possible to draw... more


How to stop or reduce graphite from reflecting light?

Drawings drawn with graphite shine a lot under even a little light. The paper needs to be held at certain angle for proper viewing. Anyway to reduce or stop this?

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