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What is the slope of the line 𝜃=(1/8)pi?

(Use decimal notation. Give your answer to three decimal places.)


Find the equation of the line that passes through the point (7,3,4) and is perpendicular to the plane −9𝑥+2𝑦+10𝑧+6=0.

(Use symbolic notation and fractions where needed. Give your answer as a list in the form  where the equation of the line is 
Vector Math Calculus


find vector perpendicular level curve

Consider the function f(x,y) = (e^x - 2x)sin(y). Suppose S is the surface z = f (x,y)A. Find a vector which is perpendicular to the level curve of f through the point (4,3) in the direction in... more


Basic Physics (Vector)

Please help me I dont get this one, also provide a complete solution with final answer and in depth step-by-step procedure. Include also a clear graph.a.) = + + + = 25 mi, north = 15 mi, 45... more


Find a unit vector that is orthogonal to both →u= ⟨6,−3,−8⟩ and v= ⟨−7,10,0⟩.

Note: This question is very sensitive to rounding errors. Enter an exact answer only.
Vector Calculus Vectors


Determine the Cartesian equation of the plane that passes through the points (1, 4, 5) and (3, 2, 1) and is parallel to the plane 2x – y + z + 1 = 0.

Determine the Cartesian equation of the plane that passes through the points (1, 4, 5) and (3, 2, 1) and is parallel to the plane 2x – y + z + 1 = 0.


find the vector in r^3 from the point

find the vector in r^3 from the point A=(x,y,z) to B=(2,-8,1)


C++ Factorial Problem using Vectors

I am new to C++ and am struggling with a recent practice problem, I have some code so far but can't figure out how to get the variable to update to correctly give the next factorial. Here is the... more
Vector Calculus


Stoke's Theorem

Verify Stoke's Theorem for ->F=(xy+x^2)i + (x^2+y^2)j over the square bounded by the lines x = -1, x = 1, y = -1 and y = 1.What is the final answer?


Cats Vector Application Problem

My kittens Annie and Josie are at it again. This time, they have found the bag of cat food and are attempting to drag it out of the pantry by their teeth. Annie can pull with a force of 8 pounds... more


Vector Application Problem

My kittens, Annie and Josie, are pushing a ball, Annie with a force magnitude of 80 N in a direction of 133°, and Josie with a magnitude of 95 N in a direction of 290°. If a third cat wants to... more
Vector C++ Arrays


File compression and multi-dimensional array

Scenario A simple matrix could be used to store data about images by using 1’s and 0’s to represent darkand light shades of color similar to a bitmap. You will find a file data.txt under your... more


(a)No one interferes with the ball. How long does it take the ball to hit the ground? (b)How far did the ball travel horizontally?

Aurora hit a baseball with an initial velocity of 70 feet per second at an angle of 30° with the horizontal. The ball hit her bat when the ball was 3 feet above the ground. Use answer from part a... more


Convert r=2/7sinθ-cosθ to rectangular form


Vector Proof Question

Suppose v and w are vectors in Rn . Show that || v − w || ≥ || v || − || w ||


Lineof intersection of planes

How do we find the parametric equation of the line of intersection of the planes x+y+z=1 and x-y-z=2 ?

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