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What are other techniques to draw a circle besides using or mimicking a compass tool?

I would like to draw circles and ellipses more accurately without relying on a compass (or spinning my paper around). This seems like a simple google-searchable question, but most of the results... more


Art books about Irezumi drawings?

As far as I know Irezumi are Japanese tattoos. I really like them but I'm not interested in the tattoo part but in the drawings.I would like to read and see some art book about this style of... more


Learning to draw manga?

I do not know how to draw, but I really want to create my own manga.Please tell me if the following approach is acceptable: 1. Create a simple storyboard. 2. Gradually master the drawing skills,... more


Is there a way to imitate a pencil or pen in illustrator?

I'm working with illustrations and I realized that it's easier to draw lines in Illustrator and combine them in Photoshop with other effects and textures. The problem is that I cannot find a way to... more
Drawing Education


Figure drawing - transitioning between "draw from reference" and "draw from imagination"?

When I draw human figures from reference, my drawing looks wrong but I can see what went wrong and (hopefully) correct it by looking at the reference.However, when I draw human figures from... more


Determining a station point for a perspective drawing?

For simple perspective drawings, you don't really need to get into having a station point (or vantage point, not vanishing point) at all. As I'm looking at more complex methods, a station point... more


How to plan a drawing?

When I am drawing, I have a lot of good ideas to use, but I always have trouble envisioning the drawing I want to make! I end up starting to draw and then erasing it countless times before I get... more


What types of large plastic sheets can I draw/paint on?

I typically draw on Stonehenge paper from rolls, cut size: 48" x 60+". I like working big but it's horribly expensive to frame anything that large so I have been looking into various plastic... more


How do I draw straight lines tangent or perpendicular to a path?

The tangent is the line which is perpendicular to the local radius. Intuitively, it's the line "resting" or "balanced" on that point in the curve.The perpendicular (or the normal) is the line... more
Drawing Drawing Tablet


Difference between "Bamboo Pen & Touch" and "Intuos4"?

I'we been trying to compare the two tablets mentioned in the title.So far, my results are: * Intuos4 is professional wheras Bamboo is for home use. * Intuos4 has 2048 levels of pressure while... more


Drawing Area turned white?

The drawing area in illustrator turned white -- I do not mean the art board. How do I change it back to gray?


How can I trace an image (footage), from frame to frame, on a separate layer?

I want to trace over each frame in some footage, that is not drawing on the original layer of the footage. How can I achieve this in Adobe AE?I am sure I can do this in Photoshop, but is there a... more


What does it mean to "push your values"?

When I used to frequent art-critique forums, I would often hear senior artists advise people to "push values", generally with little to no explanation beyond that. I gathered that in many cases it... more


How to calculate the shadow direction, size, and transparency?

Suppose I want to draw a shadow of X. How do I know what should be the EXACT * size of the shadow* direction of the shadow* transparency of the shadow.Of course, it all depends on the light source.... more


Tools for the designer work (developer)?

I am a Java programmer who likes to create own programs/web pages/games which look nice. I am not a front-end guy even though I am willing to dedicated effort to produce good looking apps with... more


How to draw a precise angle with pen tool in Photoshop?

Is it possible to draw a precise angle with the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6? By using Shift key it is easy to draw 45° or 90° but I need for example 37.45°.

How can I prepare for a career in character design?

I'm a young girl and I love to draw, especially characters. I started drawing people when I was much younger. I love character design.I would like to have a job that involves drawing people in... more
Drawing Paper Pencils


How can I draw right angles with just a ruler?

If I am trying to draw a rectangle or square on a piece of paper I can use existing corners of the paper as a start point. However I lose accuracy when completing the square or shape on the inside... more


Must one have a knowledge of fine art to be a Graphic Designer? Should all Graphic Designers know how to draw?

Is it true that **nice design comes with a nice drawing?**Do designers have to know how to draw to be a good designer or not?
Drawing Education


What's the best method and strategy to learn to draw from the imagination?

I'm pretty good at drawing anything I see. Given enough time, I can do a photorealistic rendering. But I cannot draw anything from the mind.So what is the best method and strategy to learn to draw... more
Drawing 3d


Is it possible to create 3D red/cyan anaglyphs in a hand drawing?

There are plenty tutorials online on how to create 3D red/cyan anaglyphs from existing photos in Photoshop or similar software.However, I'm wondering if it is possible to draw a 3D image by hand on... more
Drawing Pencils Charcoal


How do hard, soft, and medium charcoal pencils compare against their counterparts in graphite?

***Example:*** For shading, I have ***soft*** charcoal pencil, and ***8B*** graphite pencil. The charcoal pencil I have does not have a specific label except the word "soft" written on it.Both of... more


How can I improve my visual diary?

I'm new to art.When I am in bed with the lights out, I see a stream of beautiful imagery across my mind's eye.I want to eventually develop the skills to reproduce this imagery as art.I have a... more

Trying to realise my goal (a new way of thinking)?

I'm trying to find the fastest way, to draw on a high-end level. I am decent in Photoshop, but find myself using a lot of time with details and cleaning up my drawing.So I started to research and I... more

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