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Colored Pencils Art Drawing Pencil


What types of drawing do you teach? What tools and techniques?

Will I be able to use pastels, colored pencils, and other mediums?
Colored Pencils Drawing Tool Selection


What's the best approach to drawing a colored picture?

I'm not an avid artist, but when I draw, I usually just sketch in pencil because it's such a simple and forgiving drawing tool. I thought I'd try drawing a colored picture, but I'm a bit lost at... more
Colored Pencils Drawing Paper Pencils


Which kind of paper should be selected for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors?

Type of paper may have an effect on the medium of drawing used.Which kind of paper should be preferred for graphite, charcoal, and pencil colors, respectively? Also, please mention the standard... more
Colored Pencils Drawing Mandala


How to draw mandala when I intend to color it with pencil colors?

Mandala drawings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MandalaColor pencils are not strong enough to hide the normal pencil. Example: Orange color pencil will not hide the underlying HB graphite pencil... more
Colored Pencils Drawing Color


Colored Pencil Art?

For colored pencil art is it better to ink over your intitial pencil outline or just start coloring over your initial pencil outline. And if I just color over the initial pencil outline how can i... more
Colored Pencils Drawing Wax


what's the difference between cheap pencils and crayons for coloring?

I heard that colored pencils use wax(or clay) as a pigment vehicle, and crayons(wax pastels) use wax as pigment vehicle.I found recently that Crayons are mind blowingly cheap(96 crayola crayons for... more

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