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How do you setup your workspace so that it works for you and not against you.

You can watch the video and I will explain it. A very practical buy overlooked first step in drawing.


How do I change the page size of the layout?

Autocad Cad Auto Cad


Object Missing in CAD

Once CAD file is opened there is no object seen. Zooming in or out does nothing.
Autocad Autodesk


Tutor for AutoCAD

I am deaf with a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. I am taking an advanced AutoCAD class online for school.I tried to locate an AutoCAD tutor in my area in SE Michigan. However, I am unable to... more


How to Make Dashed Lines Appear in Autocad?

When loading Linetypes in Autocad, the lines don't appear dashed or dotted or any repetition they should have.
Autocad Vba Autolisp


Running VBA Macro in AutoCAD?

I'm making a .bundle folder for the plugins I've programmed for AutoCAD. At the root of the folder is my PackageContents.xml bundle where all of my Lisp plugins are autoloaded. Since .dvb is not a... more


How do I convert the unitless to mm in Autocad?

Autocad Unity3d


Dealing with autocad objects in Unity?

I am new in Unity development and I have good experience in Autocad development. Is it possible to use 3d solids & 3d mesh terrains created in autocad and display it in the Unity interface and... more


Excel graph in AutoCAD automatically update?

Is there a way to have my Excel charts in an AutoCAD layout that automatically updates based on changes made in the spreadsheet? Right now I'm having to manually copy and paste each chart every... more

Can we generate .DWG using autoCAD and programmed using java or C#? If yes, which one language is best to go with?

write a program in java/c# use auto CAD lib Run the code Shall generate .dwg format files
Autocad Unity3d Fbx 3ds


Convert Autocad DWG to OBJ, FBX or similar?

How can i convert an autocad dwg or dxf file to a more 'common' format like OBJ, FBX, 3DS, etc. ? I have tried a free software called abviewer 10 but the exported file is always empty.


Running AutoCAD from command line only?

I would like to run an AutoCAD script, print the resulting drawing to PDF and exit AutoCAD, all without a single click (so we can schedule it on a server). Is that possible with AutoCAD?


Javascript/canvas renderer for CAD/AutoCAD files?

Does anyone know if there's a parser for autocad/cad formatted files in javascript? Or perhaps something server side which can translate cad files to collada so that three.js (and some of the other... more
Autocad Iphone Ios Opengl Es


3D CAD to OpenGL?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that can take a 3D drawing of an object and then convert it into the required OpenGL points and normals. Basically I have an AutoCAD drawing of that I... more

Computer Drafting

I have an interior design background and I am old school with knowledge of drafting. I would like to learn a reasonably priced software program geared toward interior design, floor plans,... more
Autocad Html Autolisp


Embed html in AutoCAD?

Does anyone know of a way to embed html into Autocad? I want to be able to click on an object and a window within Autocad pop-up with some pictures and text in a table. I'm hoping there's a way... more
Autocad Autocad Plugin


How to convert Autocad drawing to image?

I have an Autocad drawing which is a plan for land squares where each square contains a number. I tried to convert it to image by choosing: File --> Export Data --> and file format Bitmap... more


From a CAD model to an Illustration drawing. How to?

I am trying to draw the best illustration I can for a user manual.I have a CAD drawing in .STP and I would like to get some simple illustations in .AI or .EPS or .SVG I tried to export the... more
Autocad Excel


Get blocks from Autocad /Maps into excel?

I would like to get some objects on a Autocad map layer and extract their name, color and position and place them into an excel sheet in the following manner: Object Name | Color | Coordinates... more
Autocad Java Dwg Pdf


How to convert AutocadDWG To PDF?

Is there another way to convert AutocadDWG To PDF but to use third party programs? Thanks for any suggestions.
Autocad Architecture


What are the advantages of using AutoCad over a drawing board?


What is LOD in models in Revit or Tekla?

Autocad Drawing Oracle C#


C# Drawing Oracle Spatial Geometries?

I need to create a simple app which can display geometries from Oracle Spatial in C#. These geometries are exported from AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 to Oracle Spatial. I need to pan, zoom, manage layers... more

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