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Elementary Math


Please Help I am stuck

Rebecca bought 50 oz of flour for her bakery. She used 18.5 oz to make a loaf of bread, and 1.02 oz for each muffin. How many muffins did Rebecca make if she had 17.22 oz of flour left over?
Elementary Math


help with homework

what is the perimeter of a 4 x 4 centimeter square
Elementary Math


Math for fifth grade

You have a board that is 7 feet. You cut 1/3 foot pieces. How many pieces do you have?
Elementary Math


The rectangular prism has a volume of 24 cm what is its height height

Elementary Math


Math help please

Tiff has 3 pizza she wants to give equally to 6 friends how much pizza will each friend get
Elementary Math


If I can buy 219x for 0.41y, how many of x can I get for 1y?

0.41y = 219x1y = ? What is 1y?
Elementary Math


I need help with my homework

This is the math problom 1 2/3 - 3/4=
Elementary Math


Math Algebraic equation

Ava wants to save up money to buy an Ipad. She saves $20 each week. Write an equation that represents the relationship between the total amount of money Ava saves and the amount of weeks she saves... more
Elementary Math


How much would it cost to buy x pounds of oranges? If oranges were 1.25$

Problem. needed for homework
Elementary Math


Math #3 Grade School Prodigy

What is the sum of 35 and diff. of 6.
Elementary Math



The area of the rug measures 96 square feet what could the length and width of the rug be
Elementary Math


Challenge word problem

Lincoln says "If I had picked 50% more apples, I would have picked 30 apples." How many apples did Lincoln pick?
Elementary Math


Math for elementary

Your third-grade classroom has 23 boys and girls. Two thirds of the boys and three fourths of the girls are going on a field trip. There are 7 children left. What is the ratio boys to... more
Elementary Math


If it takes 2/3 of an hour to mow 4/5 of a lawn, then how many acres can you mow in an hour?

I need to write an equation for the word problem.
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Could I have an explanation of how to solve this question?

A manufacturing machine has a 5% defect rate.If 9 items are chosen at random, what is the probability that at least one will have a defect?
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Could I get an explanation for this question?

A high school baseball player has a 0.167 batting average. In one game, he gets 9 at bats. What is the probability he will get at least 5 hits in the game?
Elementary Math


math ratios and rates

While researching universities joe learns that a typical class at york university has 7 men and 4 women, and a typical class at the university of toronto has 19 men and 9 women. Do the universities... more


Can you please answer my question? What is 1 + 1? I NEED help!

I really need to know what it is.

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